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6 Essential Watch Accessories for Watch Collectors

6 Essential Watch Accessories for Watch Collectors

Whether you're a casual or avid watch collector, there are a selection of essential watch accessories that you should have to hand. These should help you to maintain your timepieces' condition, as well as enhance your watch wearing (and collecting) experience. 

The six essential watch accessories for all watch collectors are: 

  1. Watch Tools 
  2. Watch Care and Cleaning Products
  3. Watch Scratch Remover
  4. Watch Cases and Storage
  5. Watch Winder
  6. Replacement Parts

1. Watch Tools

From spring bar tools and screwdrivers to refinishing pads and a watch strap measuring tool, watch tools are an essential for watch collectors.

Determine what you need to maintain your watch on a regular basis (and repair, if needed). An all-in-one kit, like the Beco Technic 6 Piece Watch Tool Kit, is perfect for providing all the watch tool essentials in one place. This includes a screwdriver, spring bar tool, battery and all you need you need to change a watch strap (or metal bracelet).

2. Watch Care & Cleaning Products

No matter where you wear your watch, it is susceptible to dirt, grime and tarnish over time. Keep on top of this, and prevent permanent damage, with watch care and cleaning products. This might be as simple as a watch cleaning and polishing cloth, and a cleaner gel and cleansing foam, but could include a watch detail brush, watch sealant and polish for watch crystals.

3. Watch Scratch Remover

Scratches on your treasured timepiece can be a real bummer, but for the prepared watch collector, they are no problem. For scratched watch glass, scratches can be removed with a polishbuffing cloth, and a bit of patience.

If you have a polished watch surface, invest in a polishing tin kit or a jewellers cloth (one side is designed to remove dirt and tarnish, and the other to bring out a dazzling sheen)

If you have a brushed watch surface, you need to refinish the metal if it gets scratched. Keep a scratch remover pen on hand to restore your watch to factory condition. 

4. Watch Cases and Storage

Keep your watches shielded, protected and organised when they aren't on your wrist with watch storage. Choose from a pouch, for a single watch on-the-go, or a watch roll or box that is designed to store, secure and protect multiple timepieces. 

5. Watch Winder

A watch winder is designed to keep automatic watches wound when they aren't being worn. Keep all of your timepieces on time with a watch winder — perfect if you plan to not wear your watch for over 24 hours. 

If you have multiple watches that need to be wound, you can get double through to octuple(!) watch winders.

6. Replacement Parts

Your timepieces won't (unfortunately) always remain perfect. Having spare parts to hand will benefit you when the time comes to replace elements of your watch. Whether you need new batteries, a spring bar or a fresh buckle or clasp, all watch collectors should keep some spare parts around. 

Don't Forget Watch Straps!

A watch strap is the ultimate accessory for your watch. Just as you'd pick an appropriate pair of shoes for different activities, your watch strap should be as suited to your lifestyle as it is stylish. Refer to our watch strap buying and size guides to help you make an informed decision as to what strap is right for you (or straps — you can never have too many!).

Watch straps come with their own set of accessories too. Whether you need to adjustshorten, tighten, softenadd holes, clean or just care for your strap, there will be an appropriate accessory for the job.

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