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Cape Cod

CAPE COD Watch Polishing and Buffing Cloth Pack

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We have paired together the famous Cape Cod Polishing Cloth and their Cape Cod Buffing Cloth. The two products combined make up the ideal pack for anyone looking to clean up their polished watch or jewellery. They go hand in hand as after you have polished your watch or jewellery, you then have the buffing cloth to clean up any remaining residue from the cleaning cloth and because it is so soft you have no danger of scratching the watch again after you have just polished it. The Cape Cod Polishing Cloth comes as a twin pack and there is one single Cape Cod buffing cloth in this pack. In total you get three cloths, two Cape Cod Polishing cloths and one Cape Cod Buffing Cloth.

The Cape Cod Polishing Cloths measure 6" x 4" and the Cape Cod Buffing Cloths measure 12" x 12".

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