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Are Watch Winders Necessary?

are watch winders necessary?

The short answer is - no, watch winders aren’t necessary. You can still maintain the quality of your automatic watch without a watch winder, as long as it is worn regularly. However, if you alternate between a few watches or only wear the watch every so often, a watch winder would be a good idea - especially if it has a number of complications that will need resetting every time you wear it.  


How Does A Watch Winder Work?

A watch winder works by slowly rotating your watch in a way that mimics the motion of the wrist, to prevent it becoming dried up or coagulate if left dormant. If the lubricants inside your automatic watch become dried up, this can cause damage to the movement and, thus, the watch should be kept moving to avoid degradation of your watch’s lubricating oils.

The Benefits Of Using A Watch Winder

Although a watch winder is not an essential piece of equipment, there are three main benefits of using one - they keep your watch running, they protect against damage and will extend the life of your timepiece. 

They Keep Your Watch Running

As well as being a unique display piece, a watch winder will keep your premium watches running when not worn. This enables your automatic watch that is ever running to display time and date accurately, so you never have to worry about reading false information. Watch winders will keep your watch ready to wear whenever you need it. 

They Protect Your Watch Against Damage

Watch winders also protect your luxury watches against damage and loss. A watch winder helps to safely store your valuable watches since the watch bands can wrap securely and tightly around a pillow in the winder.

They Will Extend The Life Of Your Watch

Your luxury watches must undergo maintenance around every three years. Unfortunately, the maintenance alone will not prevent wear and tear of the gears. If your watch is continuously running, it should self-lubricate to help make it durable. A well-designed watch can last up to 150 years provided that it is kept wound.

The 3 Best Watch Winders 

Never miss a beat in your busy life with our top 3 watch winders:



are watch winders necessary


Take your watch for a spin in this stunning handmade WOLF single watch winder. Features fine work detailing, including hand-pressed gold foil lines on vegan friendly pebble-grained leather. Gold hardware accents throughout with cushion close hinges and fluted bezel. BRG, another design first from WOLF. 

British Racing melds the green international motor racing colour of the UK’s cars raced in Ireland in the early 1900’s with a revolutionary quad angled panelled lid. 

are watch winders necessary

WOLF VICEROY Single Watch Winder in BLACK

Rule over your collection with authority with a timeless Viceroy single watch winder. A modern classic that exudes an understated elegance, the Viceroy includes a smooth pebble exterior, silver textured silk lining, locking glass cover, backlit LCD display, chrome finished hardware and a single winding module.


are watch winders really necessary



WOLF CUB Single Watch Winder with Cover in Cognac

Another elegant winder from WOLF is the CUB single watch winder with cover. Young, smart and uncomplicated, the cub takes care of your watch with ease. Six sides perfectly proportioned to encase your timepiece safely and precisely. Features vegan leather, chrome finished hardware and single winding module.


are watch winders necessary?



A WOLF watch winder is a handmade precision instrument that focuses on the health of your watch with patented innovation. Every WOLF winder counts the precise number of rotations. All other winders estimate the number of rotations. WOLF also offers a 2 year limited warranty for its watch winders. 

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Written by Kate, for WatchObsession.