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How to Remove Scratches From a Watch

How to Remove Scratches From a Watch

Scratches on your treasured timepiece can be a real disappointment. The good news is that it's quite simple to remove them. 

For scratched watch glass, scratches can be removed with a polishbuffing cloth, and a bit of elbow grease and patience. For the rest of your watch, it comes down to watch material. 

Determine Watch Material 

First things first then, you need to determine the finish of the watch's surface. Metal has a range of finishes, and each will require a different process. 

Please note that only professionals can treat scratched matte or bead-blasted finishes.

To Remove Scratches from a Polished Watch Surface

There are a few methods to remove scratches from a polished watch surface. However, we would first recommend the Cape Cod Tin Kit as it removes small scratches or swirls, and gets your watch back to its highly polished finish many times over — it is the best and safest way to restore your watch to showroom condition! 

Simply rub the tarnished watch, and wipe the polish off while it's still wet with the buffing cloth. 

You can also use a jewellers cloth, as it has one side designed to remove dirt and tarnish, and the other to bring out your timepiece's dazzling sheen. Most jewellers cloths will be "impregnated" with a red polishing powder, which fills in the scratch for a seamless finish.

Please note that deep scratches or gouges will need to be repaired during a full watch restoration — this guide is designed for light scratches. 

Likewise, for valuable vintage watches, polishing the case has been known to decrease value. Proceed with caution if you think polish will alter its character (or at least more so than a scratch). If you do decide to polish a valuable or otherwise delicate timepiece, consider taking it back to the brand or to another professional for a service — this will reduce the risks and mistakes that amateurs are more likely to make. 

To Remove Scratches from a Brushed Watch Surface

To treat scratches on a brushed watch surface, you need to refinish the metal. To do this, you need to match the finishing with the polishing material, as well as the pressure you apply. This sounds tricky, but it can be made simple with a tool! Just like an eraser, the Beco Technic Pen makes scratches disappear instantly, and the finish is restored to a factory fresh condition.

The pen's refinishing tip retracts for self storage, and one pen should last a long time as a result. You need not worry about scratching or scraping your watch's surface again; there is a quick fix on hand. 

And your timepiece is restored! Pat yourself on the back and relax in the knowledge that if the unfortunate happens again, there is a simple solution to ensure your watch remains in perfect condition.

And, if you're left wondering how to achieve the same bright and polished look for your metal watch strap, check out our guide on how to clean a metal watch bracelet.

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