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The Different Types Of Watch Clasps

the different types of watch clasps
There are a number of different types of watch clasps out there in the wonderful world of watches - the two most common varieties being the traditional buckle and deployment clasp

There's more or less one kind of buckle, but there are several kinds of deployment clasp variations, each with different operating mechanisms. 

To help you decide which type of watch clasp best suits your timepiece, we take a look at how each type works, the type of watch they are best suited for and some of our top picks.

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Watch buckles, also known as ‘pin buckles’ or ‘tang buckles’ are a classic, simple and affordable type of clasp and possibly the most common type of watch band closures in the world.

Usually made of stainless steel, the buckle can be attached to the watch strap with a spring bar, or fixed to a watch band with a screw. The latter is recommended as a safer option. The buckle is what you would commonly see on leather, textile and rubber watch straps i.e. watches with holes.

The application of a buckle is just the same as a traditional belt buckle - it secures the watch strap with a pin/tongue that goes through the desired hole on it. This allows you to adjust exactly how you want the watch to fit you, without having to get it resized like you do with a deployment clasp.

Remember: If you’re pairing a buckle and a watch band on your own, make sure the size or length of a spring bar that connects them is fitting. Some common sizes are 18mm, 20mm and 22mm. Also make sure that the number of pins/tongues, as well as their width, fit the holes on the strap. For further assistance, get in touch with the team here at Watch Obsession


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BRUSHED ARD Screw-in Buckle

The Brushed Ard Buckle features high quality stainless steel and has a screw-in type fitting making it more secure than the conventional spring bar fitting.

different watch clasps

Hirsch H-Classic (HCB) Buckle

Made from stainless steel with a brushed finish, the Hirsch H-Classic Buckle is an aftermarket watch buckle offering from the leaders in aftermarket watch straps HIRSCH. It is also one of Hirsch's most robust buckles and the perfect partnering for almost any Hirsch strap. 


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Deployment Clasp 

Common in metal watches, a deployment clasp unfolds into thirds to allow the watch to be slipped onto the wrist. It then folds back again and locks itself into place with a latch. 

They can be used on a range of straps including steel, metal, titanium, leather, rubber, and fabric. Deployment clasps are a popular alternative to the conventional buckle as they will not only help prolong the life of a leather strap, but they'll also keep a watch more secure on the wrist. 

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SPORT Deployment Clasp 

Available in 3 stylish finishes, the Sport Deployment Clasp features a simple snap shut, flick open mechanism and suitable for straps up to 4mm in thickness. 

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There are a number of different deployment clasp types and they are generally named by the way their mechanism works. Let's take a look…

The Push-Button Deployment Clasp 

Rather than pulling the clasp open, there’s also a push-button deployment clasp, which, as the name suggests, can be opened by pressing either one or two spring-loaded buttons on the sides of the buckle to release the lock.

Requiring more deliberate action from the wearer, these clasps are generally more secure than regular deployment clasps, since the buttons ensure that they can’t open up on their own.

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PUSH-BUTTON Deployment Clasp

The attractive and utilitarian push-button deployment clasp is crafted from sturdy and dependable stainless steel and can be applied to any standard watch strap up to 4mm in thickness. 

Push Button Vs. Single Fold

Although standard deployment clasps are safe, the push button clasp adds that extra bit of security. The push button clasp is also known for its minimalistic look, as they are generally more simplistic and discreet than the alternatives. 

However, if you are looking for a clasp that has a slightly slimmer profile than the push button clasp then the single fold could be for you. These clasps are normally longer and tend to run along the button of your wrist and up around the side slightly.

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Deployment or Deployant Clasps?

When looking at watch clasps, you will probably have seen both terms flying around. But which terminology is correct? Well, both are! Here at Watch Obsession, we use the term 'deployment clasp' but some also refer to them as deployant clasps. Both terms refer to exactly the same product. 

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Written by Kate for Watch Obsession