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POLYWATCH Watch Protector Sealant Kit

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This specially-formulated sealant kit allows you to apply an invisible protective layer to your watch, defending it from the minor marks and scratches it might otherwise pick up in day-to-day use.

  • Use the cleaning wipe to thoroughly remove any debris or residue that might be present.
  • Then use the sealant wipe and slowly apply the protective coating to your watch.
  • Once applied, allow 12 hours for the protective layer to cure and dry.
  • Congratulations! Your watch now has added protection from wear-and-tear.


  • 1 × Cleaning Wet Wipe
  • 1 × Sealant Wet Wipe
  • 1 × Microfibre Cloth
  • 1 × Pair of Protective Gloves
  • 1 × Instruction Sheet

Demonstration Video

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