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Different Everyday Watch Styles

Different Everyday Watch Styles

Whether you’re in the market for your first or hundredth watch, it's important that you get the most out of your investment. For some of us, this means making sure that our timepiece can be styled to reflect a particular lifestyle, level of sophistication or mood — or just to match our outfits...shoes and accessories included. 

The general rule of thumb (or wrist) though, is that you should pick and style your watch per occasion. A sports watch does not make sense at a ball, but it could just about pass as business casual — and definitely as casual. For the same reason, a designer or classic watch is much more suited to a ball than a casual occasion. What it comes down to is whether your watch is suited for the occasion which, in this case, is day-to-day life. 

But there is a bit more to it than that. We've broken down the different everyday watch styles that you can wear below. 

The Matchmaker 

An unwritten rule in the world of watches is that you should attempt to match your watch with your outfit. Ask yourself: Does your watch have a dial that matches your shirt? Can you switch out your watch strap to match your shoes? Will your black leather strap compliment a certain set of rings? Think about good colour combinations, and go from there. 

In addition to colour combinations, you should think about colour contrasts. If you are dressed in all black, then a pop of colour on your wrist can add something special. Likewise, an all dark outfit goes well with a fashionable light-coloured watch, and vice versa. These small changes can elevate your outfit to create a thought-out, fashionable look. Pair your timepiece with a quick-release watch strap to make it easier to switch out your strap fast. 

Material World

Just as you'd match and contrast colours, think about materials. It might seem like an obvious match, but a leather watch strap can compliment other leather accessories and make them pop. 

Likewise, you can try and match the metals of your watch (incl. the buckle and clasp) to the other metallic elements of your outfit (belt and shoe buckles, collar bars, cufflinks and so on). You might be dressed for day-to-day life, but there's no reason you can't make it stylish. 

Left is Best

Perhaps controversial, but a watch should be worn on the non-dominant hand. As most people are right-handed, it is considered "proper" to wear the watch on your left. 

That being said, we'd say wear whatever feels comfortable. If that's wearing a watch on your right hand, go for it! Some watch brands even have watches specifically designed for left-handers. 

The 9-5

As well as being positioned on the left hand, watch enthusiasts tend to wear their watch beside their wrist bone with the face sitting next to the ulna (the bone on the outside of your wrist). This will mean that none of your watch should be visible beneath your cuff, and your watch should only be visible when your arm is bent. When wearing your watch like this, the watch stays out the way and does not limit your wrist movements.

For a true everyday watch, you should go for a timepiece and strap that is neutral, durable and comfortable. This should fit well, sit well (as above), go with almost all of your outfits, and be suitable for all of your daily activities, including work, casual social functions, and errands.

The Adventurer

Often spotted in gym gear, a wetsuit or up a mountain, the adventurer will more often than not be wearing a sports or dive watch. As their name suggests, sports and dive watches are designed to be more robust and water-resistant than their casual counterparts. Critics of the dive watch are often sceptical of its ability to be "stylish", but it often just needs to be paired with the right strap.

The Bold One (Oversized) 

"Go big or go home" in watch form. Wearing an oversized watch has been a controversial point for a few years — in fact, it has come under fire for being a scream for attention — but if you do it right, it can make an excellent accompaniment for an everyday outfit. For those of us who require a larger dial, it can also just be a practical (and logical) choice. 

The Rule Breaker

Rules are there to be broken, right? If you want to switch up the status quo and make a statement, wear your watch on your right hand and on top of your cuff and jumper sleeve! 

In all seriousness though, if you want to wear your treasured heirloom day-to-day because it has more sentimental value than your casual watch, you can do that. It might not go down well with the dress code, but a watch is all about self-expression and showcasing your style. Embrace it. 

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