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Are Quick-Release Watch Straps Safe?

Are Quick-Release Watch Straps Safe?

Quick-release watch straps are safe as long as your watch is the right size; a quick-release watch strap will be safe on most average-sized watches. However, if your watch is heavier than average, you should stick with a traditional watch strap. 


For watch enthusiasts, a watch strap is a statement: it expresses our individual style and allows us to match our watch to our outfit and mood. For this reason, we are often changing watch straps -  a comfortable fabric watch strap for an adventurous afternoon out turns into a reliable leather strap for dinner.

However, a standard watch band can make this a strenuous process. There are these small bars - often between two and six per watch band - that have telescopic ends which need to be removed and replaced. Most of the time this requires a specific spring bar removal tool but, even with such a tool, this can still be an inconvenient challenge for those of us not versed in watch band changes. In fact, even the experts will tell you that the traditional method can be a cumbersome process. 

Quick-release watch straps solve this problem. Each bar has a noticeable pin that helps you separate the strap from the watch with ease. This will differ slightly between watch straps but, for the most part, all you need to do is press the pin inwards on both ends and then replace each lug with the new strap - no tools needed. Once you've got into the flow, each change should only take a couple of minutes max.

If you're not sold on quick release spring bars and would prefer to switch them out for standard spring bars, then our video on how to remove a quick-release spring should help you out: 

This doesn't effect how comfortable the watch strap is, and you shouldn't be worried about the watch disengaging from your wrist either; there shouldn't be anything on the underside of your quick-release watch strap that will catch and cause the watch to come loose. 

The only downside is that quick-release watch straps tend to not be as safe on heavier watches - in particular when paired with vigorous movement. For obvious reasons, it is not ideal for your watch to soar off your wrist, so we'd recommend that you stick to a traditional strap if your watch weighs above 170 grams. Use your best judgement here though; you should have a rough idea if your watch is heavier than average and if it poses a risk to a quick-release strap. You can always test it in a safe environment when in doubt, or get in contact with us for more advice.

It is no wonder that, with all of these benefits, quick-release watch straps are increasingly popular and more readily available. At the beginning of 2020, Hirsch began fitting this quick-release system to all of their new watch straps. Today, almost all of our Hirsch Watch Straps have the quick-release spring bars fitted to them, with only a few straps in stock yet to get the treatment. 

Our Quick Release Watch Strap Recommendations 

The one downside of quick-release watch straps becoming more popular is knowing which one to choose! Start here with recommendations from our world-class watch experts to put your mind at ease. Each offers something a little different, but all have that reliable quick release pin. 

Staib Soc 2906 Qr Quick-Release Milanaise Mesh Watch Bracelet in Polished Silver 

Staib are a highly-regarded German firm that specialise in the production of mesh jewellery and accessories. The Milanaise is made from intricate chain-link bands designed for deep-sea divers - but is well loved by all. 

This handsome watch strap comes fitted with a convenient and reliable fold over clasp and an added quick-release spring bar mechanism, allowing you to fit and remove the bracelet with ease - perfect for switching up your style fast. 

Hirsch Accent Natural Rubber Watch Strap in Black

Made to withstand whatever you can throw at it, the Hirsch Accent is the adventurer's choice of strap with its peerless water-resistance and tear-proof properties. The lattice texture on the upper layer gives it a distinctive and complex look but the inside is anything but - two quick-release spring bars make changing this watch strap simple. 

Hirsch Boston Buffalo Calfskin Leather Watch Strap in Brown

A rustic watch strap with a natural and rugged appearance, the Boston strap from Hirsch bears the intricate texture of genuine buffalo calfskin. This quick-release strap is substantial, comfortable and exceptional value for money. 

Quick-Release Canvas Watch Strap in Black

This rugged, high-quality canvas strap from WatchObsession offers up an affordable yet stylish and dependable replacement band for your favourite watch. Choose from two widths and four buckle types. 

Morellato Croquet Quick-Release Leather Watch Strap

A bright and vibrant watch strap made from high-grade calfskin leather, with all of the quality you've come to expect from the artisanal craftsmen at Morellato.

This watch strap is equipped with a dependable 'Easy Click' quick-release spring bar mechanism.

Shop our luxury watcheswatch straps and watch tools and accessories on our website. And for more advice on what watch strap to get for this warm summer, read our guide here.