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Top 5 Most Comfortable Watch Straps

Top 5 Most Comfortable Watch Straps

With every watch face comes a fashionable watch strap; it is the best way to change up your style with minimal effort and expense. By having a diverse collection of comfortable watch straps, the combination of styles are endless, and the appearance is completely up to you.

Each strap has its own story and history; from the straps made available by Erika's Originals and STAIB, to Hirsch. If a particular style takes your fancy, be sure to have a read on its history and origin. 

1. ISOSWISS Rubber Watch Strap

Top 5 Most Comfortable Watch Straps

If you like to be wary of the sustainability behind the materials you purchase, ISOSWISS specialise in the production of high-quality straps constructed from vegan-friendly caoutchouc rubber. 

With its waterproof nature and premium rubber attributes, this selection of straps will give you an accessory of comfort, durability and substance. 

The embossed alligator skin design also adds an air of sophistication to the style of your watch, so it is no surprise to hear that the brand is highly regarded due to the careful combination of comfort and style.

2. Hirsch Plant-Based Watch Strap

Top 5 Most Comfortable Watch Straps

Sustainability and demand for vegan material alternatives in fashion is on-trend in the 21st century, so it is only natural that watch strap styles follow suit.

Hirsch has taken this trend a step further, and developed a new range that does not use any animal products but instead takes inspiration from nature itself.

For example, each and every Hirsch Leaf strap has a unique and natural pattern. The rubber watch strap also contours to the shape of your wrist, so it will never get stuck or sag.

3. STAIB Mesh Watch Bracelet Strap

Top 5 Most Comfortable Watch Straps

Manufactured by the highly-regarded German firm, these 'Milanaise' style  bracelets have been produced from the city of Pforzheim since 1922. 

These intricate chain-link bands were originally designed for use by deep-sea divers, but the average watch-wearer can now flaunt the style.

What makes these straps brilliant for comfort is their mesh material. The mesh feels silk and smooth on the skin, and you won't get any nasty shocks from the material catching onto arm hair. 

4. Bonetto Cinturini Watch Strap

Top 5 Most Comfortable Watch Straps

Based in the town of Caldogno, Bonetto Cinturini manufacturers have 35 years experience, specialising in crafting premium rubber watch straps. 

Their selection of comfortable watch straps boast a specially-formulated rubber material. The rubber used is waterproof, making it perfect for exercise junkies and aquatic sport fanatics. 

The strap can withstand even the most unfavourable of weather conditions, and you can guarantee that it will stay durable throughout it all.

5. Erika’s Originals Watch Strap 

Top 5 Most Comfortable Watch Straps

If you are looking for a comfortable watch strap with a story, then this will be your best pick. It was made in the spirit of - and as a tribute to - the Marine Nationale divers that hand-stitched straps made from their parachute's elastic webbing. Erika utilises this exact elastic parachute braid to create a comfortable and durable watch strap that can be worn in, and out of, water. 

Not only does this strap boast heritage and history, but its durability and wearability are second to none. Its elasticated construction boasts ease of repositioning, giving you the perfect fit each time you put it on.

With the MN strap made from Latex braided with Nylon, it is extremely comfortable to wear and is able to absorb and regulate moisture. You could even change up the colour of the strap, giving your watch a whole new style, with Erika's Originals BLACK OPS MN.

There is definitely a reason why Erika ran out of materials when manufacturing this strap.

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