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Best Second Hand Watches

PANERAI Luminor Marina PAM00001 Manual Stainless Steel 44mm Watch - Black Dial

In the UK, 47.5% of respondents in Watchfinder's report said that they have at least one luxury watch that they don’t wear, and 59% said they do not know the current value of their watch. This means that there are a lot of forgotten or neglected luxury watches. 

Since this report, watch owners (and inheritors) have been encouraged to find out a value for their watch and make a decision on whether to sell, exchange or keep it. For each one that is put on the market, there are willing buyers around the globe who are keen to invest in a second-hand watch - and it's clear to see why! Second hand watches are often half the price for double the value of what you'd normally get for the money you spend. 

Benefits of Pre-Worn / Pre-Loved Watches

And that's not it! We've compiled a list of the other benefits of second hand watches - as well as some of the best second hand watches available on our website.


Without a doubt, the number one benefit of a second hand watch is the money you'll save. More often than not, a pre-loved watched will be much cheaper than the same - or a similar piece - brand new. 

With the money you save, you can invest in a stylish watch strap to add more style and personality to your new piece. 

More Value for Your Money  

Not to mention that, due to the cheaper price, you can get a more valuable watch for less. This means more value for less cash - who can argue with that? 

Certain watches can even increase in value over time, meaning your second hand watch - which you'll get for cheaper - could end up increasing in value. This means that if you do choose to sell it again later, you can get a larger return on your investment. Of course, this is not a guaranteed, but it is an added bonus if you're already investing in a watch you love. 

More Choice

According to WatchFinder, there are more second hand watches to choose from than new watches. This means you'll not only have the choice of current pre-loved pieces, but also limited edition and discontinued watches. 

Not to mention that it is often difficult to buy a new luxury watch online, so it's sometimes easier to get your desired watch second-hand. 

Rare Omega Speedmaster #speedytuesday Ultraman

You Don't Lose on Quality

Despite being pre-loved, second hand watches are often still in excellent nick. This is because luxury watches are often well looked after before they are passed on. Even better, you can sometimes get pre-owned watches that are mint or worn once - making them as close to brand new as possible. 

Even if the watches are a little worn, their attractive and durable design means they still look fantastic. After all, second-hand luxury watches are timeless because of their high-quality craftsmanship, so you'll be investing in something that remains fashionable and sophisticated forever. 

Peace of Mind 

At WatchObsession, all used watches are pictured from stock, and the images are an exact representation of the watch. In other words, what you see is what you get.

If you are not 100% satisfied when the watch arrives, we'll issue you a refund. 

Our Pick of the Best Second Hand Watches 

With so many benefits, its no wonder that second hand watches are growing increasingly popular. Learn more about the best second hand watches we stock here.


Omega are a world-renowned and trusted brand with a range of classic, stylish and durable swiss-made watches to choose from. While their standard price point is high, you can get a second-hand Omega for much cheaper. At the moment, we stock a gorgeous 14k gold vintage Omega Seamaster with a new Hirsch Connoisseur alligator hide strap for just £2,950 - a fraction of its original price.

Vintage gold Omega Seamaster Chronograph

This watch is a solid and dependable timepiece with a classic and formal look, suitable both as a collector's piece or for day-to-day use.


If you're after something with a bolder steak of modern and youthful exuberance, our second hand Breitling Colt A7438811 44mm Quartz Watch - renowned for its classic and sturdy construction - is available at just £1.800.


Black dial Breitling Colt Quartz



The Zenith El Primero is an exquisite example of the precision watch engineering that Zenith are known for. Mounted on a handsome rubber-lined alligator strap, this second hand watch is a classic and attractive piece. It even comes in an elegant steel case, with a range of legible instrumentation - gorgeous. It's slightly more expensive than our other picks at £4,250 - but still a huge save from its RRP of £5,800. 

Rare Black dial Zenith El Primero

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Written by Holly Charman, for Watch Obsession UK.