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Can I Change a Watch Strap?

Can I Change a Watch Strap?


Yes - you can change a watch strap and you can often do this without having to visit a jeweller. If your watch strap is looking frayed or you are just looking for an updated style, it will be possible to replace it. 

Changing the watch strap can also allow you time to clean your timepiece in the harder-to-reach places. 

Although you can change a watch strap yourself, it is also possible to get your watch strap changed at your local jewellers. This is often the best idea when changing over a watch strap from Watch Obsession. However, you can change your watch strap by yourself if you have a steady hand. 

How to Change a Watch Strap?

Changing your watch strap at home is possible. It is an even easier process if your watch strap has a quick-release spring bar, as this allows you to be able to complete the process quicker.

If you are ready and prepared with your perfect replacement strap, then it is time to change that strap. 

To change a watch strap,

  1. Set Up Your Equipment
  2. Remove the Strap
  3. Repeat
  4. Attach the Replacement Strap


1. Set Up Your Equipment

To start, you need a sturdy work surface that allows you to see your watch clearly, and safely use tools on it.

You will need different equipment to help you with the changing of your watch strap. This includes the replacement strap, a spring bar tool and a microfiber cloth.

2. Remove the Strap

Once you have located where the watch strap connects to the timepiece, you can begin changing your watch strap. The spring bar ends are connected to the timepieces through small holes. Use your spring bar tool to apply pressure to the flanges of the spring bar, allowing the spring bar (and watch strap) to come free from the timepiece.

To start, grip the timepiece with your non-dominant hand, with the spring bar tool in the other hand like you would a pencil.

Put the fork of the spring bar tool between the side of the watch strap and the lug. Start to carefully pull the lug from the hole to remove it from the lug. Pull the spring bar out of the hole in the watch strap. 

You have now removed the first side of the watch strap. 

It is important to note here that spring bars are small and easy to lose, so keep a close eye on the spring bars in order to be able to replace the watch strap.

3. Repeat

One side of the watch strap down, one more side of the strap to go. 

To complete the removal of the watch strap, rotate the watch 180 degrees, so you can continue the same process again by repeating step two on the remaining side. 

4. Attach the Replacement Strap

To attach the replacement strap, you will need to put the spring bars into the replacement strap and then attach the strap to the lugs of the timepiece. 

You will then need to compress the spring bar ends to be able to fit back into the holes in the timepiece. Using your spring bar tool, insert the spring bars into the lug holes, taking caution that the spring bars do not fly away from the watch.

Once they are in, the watch strap will be attached and looking fresh and new. 

This step is harder than the initial steps as the lug hole will not be able to be seen when adding the replacement strap, but with a bit of patience, you’ll master it in no time.

For ultimate comfort, the strap with the buckle should be attached to the top side of the timepiece, and the longer end should be attached to the bottom side of the timepiece. 

Repeat this step and you are nearly complete. 

Then wipe down your updated watch with a microfibre cloth and give it a quick try-on to test if it fits you correctly. 

If you are struggling with this process, or know that your hands are less steady, go to your local jewellers for advice. 

When browsing for watch straps look for a strap that is comfortable and high quality.


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Written by Luthien, for Watch Obsession.