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Cape Cod

Cape Cod Watch Polishing and Spray Kit

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We have put together two Cape Cod products to bring you a value Watch Cleaning kit that contains products to clean both Polished and Brushed areas of your Watch or Jewellery. In this kit you will get the very popular Cape Cod Polishing Cloth which will polish out light scratches and buff marks. 


The Cape Cod Spray will clean all areas of your watch and give it a new lease of life. To quote Cape Cod, 'Everything old is new again'. Once you have used the Polishing Cloths and Cleaning Spray, there is a super soft Buffing Cloth in this kit which will finish off the cleaning process beautifully.

Pack Contains

6 x Twin Packs of 6" x 4" Pre Moistened Polishing Cloths (12 Cloths in total).

1 x Dusting / Buffing Cloth.

1 x Pair of Re-usable Gloves.

1 x Metal Cleaning Spray.

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