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Beco Technic

BECO TECHNIC Watch Scratch Pen - 2mm

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Keep your titanium or brushed steel watch in perfect condition with this scratch pen.
This pen's tip is approximately 2mm in diameter as opposed to the other pen's tip option which is 4mm and can be found HERE.
This 2mm option provides precision restoration.
This pen also comes with 1 direct replacement refill.
Achieve professional results with very little effort.
This pen is specially designed for use on titanium cases, buckles and bezels.
The pens refinishing tip retracts for self storage.
One pen should last a very long time.
Please find some instructions on how to use the product by clicking here.


** NOT suitable for Polished Stainless Steel **

You can now wear your watch without worrying about scratching or scraping it, no longer a problem.
This is probably the most convenient and easy way to restore the titanium or brushed steel finish of your watch.
Everyone who owns a watch should have one.
The results are unbelievable... scratches disappear instantly... and the finish is restored to a factory fresh condition.

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