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Best Watch Straps for Summer

Best watch straps for summer

As the weather gets warmer, and our hands swell and sweat with the heat, the need for a comfortable and water-resistant summer watch strap grows. We have compiled a list of the best watch straps for summer to help you decide which to go for. But, first things first: 

Save Leather Watch Straps for the Evening

Although leather is known to be comfortable, reliable and attractive, it doesn't do well in the daytime hot weather - especially if you are prone to a quick dip in the sea or a cold shower in the summer. The combination of sweat and water can ruin the otherwise durable strap and, even if it does survive, the heat will cause a leather strap to cling and irritate your skin - not ideal as your watch strap should always be comfortable. 

If you do decide to go for leather during the day, you should therefore keep it super light and pick something perforated for enhanced airflow. Or, you can wear a more suited watch strap (see below) in the daytime, and then switch out to a stylish and sleek leather watch strap in the cooler evenings where it will be the perfect fit. 

Save Your Metal Watch Straps

For similar reasons to above, you should avoid a metal watch strap in the summer daytime as skin against hot metal can cause irritation and sometimes burn. Like a leather watch strap, you can therefore save your metal watch strap for a cool evening stroll.

This begs the question, what are some comfortable and stylish alternatives to a leather or metal watch strap in the summer?  

Top 5 Watch Straps for Summer

1. TROPIC Textured Rubber Waterproof Diving Strap 

First made popular in the 1960s as an inexpensive and lightweight strap, the Tropic is a true classic. Its cross-hatched upper texture and distinctive diamond perforations, widened on the underside for maximum air-flow, make it a great pick for the hot summer weather.

As it's designed for dive watches, the Tropic is also water-resistance up to 300m, meaning you can sweat and swim without compromising the strap. 

 Yellow rubber watch strap

The Tropic is available in a wide range of attractive colours, so you can match it to all outfits and customize according to occasion.

2. ISOfrane Rubber Dive Watch Strap

The ISOfrane is one of the world's most popular, premier diving bands - and it's not hard to see why. It has a timeless but durable design and, despite its strength and sturdiness, remains soft and breathable. The ISOfrane strap is also waterproof and hypoallergenic, with non-toxic modifications that make it kind to your skin.

Furthermore, the ISOfrane strap is washed free of any sand, salt water and sweat with ease. Better yet, the lack of silicone means this watch doesn't collect dust, so it retains its clean and factory-fresh look for a long time. 

Blue ladder watch strap

Like the Tropic and One-Piece, the ISOfrane comes in a huge range of colours - meaning the options for customizing your watch are endless.

3. One-Piece Watch Strap

The iconic one-piece strap is a comfortable, breathable and affordable waterproof watch strap for the summer. Coming in at just £9.95, this is a fantastic choice if you're looking for a cheap alternative to the more expensive summer watch straps - even their premium strap comes in at just £14.99. One of the best features is its extra length which makes it adjustable so, even if your wrist swells in the heat, you can maintain a comfortable fit. 

Originally developed by the British Ministry of Defence, the one-piece strap is more secure than others as it is secured in two separate points. This means that, should one spring bar fail, it will remain attached to the strap. It is therefore a great pick for all those outdoor summer activities where you don't want to worry about your watch flying off. 

Bright Blue Nato watch strap
The nylon one-piece has the widest choice of colours yet! It's available in both neutral and bright block colours or stripes.

4. Perlon Braided Watch Strap

The Perlon is another attractive, affordable and waterproof strap for the summer. It is light, breathable, comfortable and - due to its intricately interwoven threads - incredibly stylish. This makes it a great pick for both wear during almost all occasions and outdoor activities.

Double Yarn Perlon watch straps
The Perlon also has a wide-range of colours to choose from. We stock everything from a rosa pink and bright yellow to the more classic black and brown straps.

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Written by Holly, for Watch Obsession UK.