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Are Leather Watch Straps Worth It?

are leather watch straps worth it

Yes - leather watch straps are a good investment. Although there are advantages to each type of watch strap, a leather watch strap is one of the more popular choices as it is comfortable, durable, and available in lots of different styles and finishes. 

Benefits of Leather Watch Straps

Leather is known to be comfortable, reliable, attractive and affordable - just some of the reasons it works so well as a watch strap: 

The Perfect Fit 

The natural and soft feel of leather makes it a comfortable and breathable fit for all. This is, in part, because leather watch straps are supple and stretch and mould to your wrist over time - meaning it only gets more comfortable as time goes on. 

As you go about your normal week, then, a leather watch strap adapts to your natural movements and seamlessly integrates with your routine.

Durable and Secure

Leather is as strong and secure as it is comfortable and breathable. This means it is not prone to rips and tears. In fact, it maintains its strength over a long period of time. 

It is also not often that a leather watch comes undone because of its sturdy and durable buckle system, meaning you can trust that it will stay on. 

Stylish and Customizable 

There is no doubt about it: leather looks good. It's a timeless classic that looks stylish on everyone, and compliments all outfits and occasions. A true all-rounder. 

You can also customize your watch as much as you like by switching between leather straps that might have a different type of leather, colour, pattern, style, and so on. This makes it a real versatile pick: why not switch between a pink crocodile strap and a retro organic leather black strap that same afternoon?

Even if the colour wears over the years, a leather watch still remains stylish! In fact, many think a leather watch strap looks better after it has a few signs of wear because it gives it more character.


Leather is both affordable and cost-effective. Although it might cost more than synthetic materials, it will last you far longer, making it a much more valuable investment. 

Our Leather Watch Strap Picks

At Watch Obsession, we stock a wide-range of leather watch straps. Our current top picks are the RIOS1931 LOUISIANA and RIOS1931 NEW ORLEANS - traditionally-styled leather watch straps with an authentic alligator-style embossed texture. These watch straps encompass all the benefits of a great leather watch strap: comfort, strength, style and customization. 


are leather watch straps good


These stylish and dependable watch straps are available in a wide range of colours and buckle options, and equipped with a contrasting cream saddler's stitch or a tone-on-tone saddler's stitch depending on what model you go for. Our choice of colours include the new Mahogany, Burgundy, Sand and Stone Grey variations - as pictured above. 


These handsome, handmade watch straps are a prime example of the supreme craftsmanship RIOS1931 are known for. Better yet, these watch straps are made with as natural and environmentally friendly production methods as possible. 

If you're looking for a watch that is elevated with this range, the ZENITH El Primero and BELL & ROSS BR Heritage look exquisite with the RIOS1931 leather watch straps - as shown in the photos above. 

Alternatives to Leather Watch Straps

Vegan Watch Straps 

For some, the style of a leather watch strap is perfect, but the non-vegan material is a no-go. The good news is that there are lots of stylish, animal-free and plant-based alternatives that mimic the look of authentic leather and offer the same levels of comfort, resistance, and style. 


Rubber is also a popular alternative to leather. If you're looking for a waterproof and hypoallergenic watch strap, a rubber watch strap might be more suited for you. Although it lacks the character that leather gains over time, it remains a fantastic alternative. That being said, RIOS1931 have made a leather watch strap that carries a water-resistant seal without comprising its distinct style.

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Written by Holly Charman, for Watch Obsession UK.