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The Best Affordable Watch Straps

The Best Affordable Watch Straps

One of the biggest misconceptions with purchasing watch straps is that they need to be expensive to be nice, especially if they are being paired with a luxury high-end watch. But the truth is, you don’t have to spend a fortune on finding a quality strap, and lucky for you there are a wealth of affordable materials to choose from. 

So, to help you decide which to go for, we’ve hand-selected the best straps under £25 that are stylish, durable, and all-round great choices. 

The best affordable watch straps are;

  1. One-Piece straps 
  2. Quick-release canvas straps
  3. Hirsch Kansas straps
  4. Morellato Castagno straps
  5. Di-Modell Design Straps

1. One-Piece Straps

Introduced by the Ministry Of Defence, one-piece watch straps combine the perfect balance of style, durability and of course, affordable pricing. With some styles starting from just £9.95, they are ideal if you want to get more than one to mix and match your style.

A one piece watch strap is secured to the watch in two separate points. This design means that should one spring bar fail, then the second spring bar will keep the watch attached to the strap.

As well as being one of the most affordable and secure types of straps you can get, they are extremely comfortable on the wrist. They also come in a wide range of colours and designs to suit any unique taste. Thus, a one-piece strap is a great way to switch up the look and feel of your watch without breaking the bank. 

Although typically best suited to adventure watches, they compliment any style or brand of watch, even those more high-end! 

At Watch Obsession, we stock a wide variety of one-piece straps so you can choose from hundreds of colours, styles and patterns to suit your individual taste and occasion.

One-Piece Watch Strap in GREY with PVD Buckle and Keepers

These nylon one-piece watch straps are comfortable, breathable and a great alternative to the metal bracelet or leather strap on your watch. They also offer extra length, meaning you can wear your watch over a jumper or jacket. This may be handy when partaking in out-door activities such as sailing, skiing, hunting, golfing, fishing etc.


2. Quick-Release Canvas Straps

Another high-quality affordable band is the quick-release canvas strap, offering up a stylish and dependable strap for your favourite watch, without breaking the bank. 

If you like to regularly switch up your watch straps for different occasions, these straps are ideal as they will take you no longer than a couple of minutes to change. This is because each bar has a noticeable pin that helps you separate the strap from the watch with ease. 

This will differ slightly between watch straps but, for the most part, all you need to do is press the pin inwards on both ends and then replace each lug with the new strap - no tools needed. 

Similar to one-piece straps, canvas straps are comfortable, breathable, durable, and come in a variety of colours to choose from. Shop our complete collection of quick-release canvas watch straps here. 

3. Hirsch Kansas Straps

If leather is more your style, look no further than the Kansas strap from Hirsch. The Kansas straps are crafted from high-quality genuine leather at an affordable price, with a lightweight, slimline construction and outfitted with a detailed and refined buffalo-style embossed imprint.

Hirsch KANSAS Calf Leather Buffalo-Embossed Watch Strap

Lightweight and refined, the Hirsch Kansas watch strap is a comfortable and minimalist choice, with thin padding and an authentic buffalo-style embossed texture. The strap features discreet tone-on-tone stitching that enhances the durable leather's rich colour.

Discover how to soften your leather watch strap here. 


4. Morellato Castagno Straps

If you like the cool, classy look of leather but choose to follow a vegan lifestyle, the Morellato Costagno range might be the perfect solution for you. Not to mention they retail for no more than £20.00! 

Crafted from a vegan leatherette material, the Castagno straps are a great animal-friendly alternative to real leather straps. Featuring an intricate calfskin-style texture for added authenticity and a durable half-remborded construction with moderate padding, this strap has a classic yet distinctive look that matches well with a wide variety of watches.

Discover more about vegan watch straps here. 

5. Di-Modell Design Straps

If you’re searching for something a little more sporty, take a look at the Di-Modell Design strap, featuring a unique soft-rubber coating on both sides of the strap, for a soft, premium feel that comfortably glides across the wrist. 

Rubber straps are frequently associated with dive, sport, and racing watches due to their durability and water-resistance. Not only that, they are cheap to produce, meaning they’re great if on a tight-budget. 

Di-Modell DESIGN Waterproof Sport Leather Watch Strap

Crafted from calfskin and soft rubber lining, the D-Modell Design straps are lightweight, sporty and water-resistant to a depth of 100m. The strap also has regularly-placed micro-perforations, to ensure maximum breathability when you need it most. 

For such high performance under £25, you can’t go wrong! 

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Written by Kate, for Watch Obsession.