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What Are Vegan Watch Straps?

Vegan Watch Straps

To many, a watch is one of the most important parts of an outfit, and choosing the right watch strap is crucial to completing the perfect look. But for those who follow a vegan lifestyle, choosing a watch strap made from real animal leather isn’t an option. This is where vegan watch straps come in. 

Vegan watch straps are the animal-friendly alternative to real leather ones, and are in fact just as trendy and attractive as the latter. But the benefits don’t stop there…

The Benefits of Choosing Vegan Watch Straps 

They Are Animal Friendly

First and foremost, most people opt for vegan watch straps because of their ethics and beliefs that animals should not be used for our benefit. With 79 million people in the world already vegan, veganism is expected to grow rapidly.

High Quality & Affordable

Vegan watch straps can be made of different materials, as long as they don’t contain any animal ingredients.

Apart from being a great alternative for real animal leather, vegan leather is also typically much more affordable. These products are therefore appropriate for not only consumers that favour high-quality animal-free products, but are also suitable for consumers who aren’t looking to break the bank. 


Although they look incredibly similar to real leather straps, vegan straps tend to be much thinner and lighter than their counterparts. Apart from being just as comfortable to wear, the vegan watches are especially attractive because they reflect nature values. 


One of the great things about vegan watch straps is that there are so many different materials, styles and patterns to choose from, to make your watch even more unique and personal to your taste. 

The Best Vegan Watch Straps

At watch obsession we stock a range of vegan watch straps, from Hirsch to Morellato and Omega. 

The best vegan watch straps are;

  1. Hirsch Leaf Vegan Performance Rubber Watch Strap
  2. Hirsch Wine Vineyard-Leaf Vegan Watch Strap
  3. Morellato Ginepro Buffalo-Grain Vegan Leather Watch Strap
  4. Morellato Lauro Goatskin-Grain Vegan Leather Watch Strap
  5. OMEGA Vegan Faux-Leather Deployment Watch Strap

1.Hirsch LEAF Vegan Performance Rubber Watch Strap

The LEAF performance collection is Hirsch’s new nature line of vegan-friendly leather-alternative watch straps. These unique straps are adorned with real leaves, individually treated using a specialised process for a vibrantly coloured semi-transparent skeletal finish, then hand-applied to the bespoke upper carrier layer. The  n m,nn process ensures that while no two Leaf straps are alike, each is pleasingly intricate and bold in a way that truly stands out.


The underside is made from Hirsch's tried-and-true caoutchouc rubber material as used in their other Performance straps, making it flexible and robust enough for use during sports, vigorous exercise and aquatic pursuits.

The Hirsch Leaf strap is available in a number of earthy tones, including green, autumnal brown, black and blue/black

Vegan Watch Straps; What Are They and What Are They Made Of?

 2. Hirsch WINE Vineyard-Leaf Vegan Watch Strap

The Wine is a limited-edition strap in Hirsch's animal-free Nature range, comprised of a special organic Fibre Tech core adorned with real leaves from Austrian organic vineyards, treated for extra flexibility and durability and applied to a special carrier layer. As the leaves used in the making of this strap are a finite byproduct of the winemaking process, these straps are a limited edition, as only a certain number can be made per year.

Vegan Watch Straps; What Are They and What Are They Made Of?

3. Morellato GINEPRO Buffalo-Grain Vegan Leather Watch Strap

Part of Morellato's Green Collection, the Ginepro is crafted from a vegan-friendly leatherette material, embossed with a smooth and sophisticated calfskin-style texture for added authenticity.


The two leather strips are half-remborded into a single unpadded whole, giving it a lower profile and higher durability. The understated look is accentuated with tonal edge stitching, including special parallel details at the lug ends.

Vegan Watch Straps; What Are They and What Are They Made Of?

4. Morellato LAURO Goatskin-Grain Vegan Leather Watch Strap

Another stunning strap in Morellato’s vegan-friendly Green collection is the Lauro, available in 4 earthy colours: green, brown, blue & black. Featuring a detailed embossed texture that is an authentic emulation of genuine goatskin leather, and a semi-gloss finish, subtle tonal edge stitching and an unpadded, low-profile shape, this is an accessory that's all about understated, intricate appeal.

Vegan Watch Straps; What Are They and What Are They Made Of?


5. OMEGA Vegan Faux-Leather Deployment Watch Strap

OMEGA’s vegan straps with cork inner lining are an industry-first. The unique range of leather-look straps, made from winemaking leftovers and other natural materials, are available in a range of colours and a selection of watch-specific sizes. As always, OMEGA’s uncompromising manufacturing standards and quality control techniques ensure a consistent level of reliability.

Vegan Watch Straps; What Are They and What Are They Made Of?


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Written by Kate, for Watch Obsession.