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Diving Watch Straps; What Are They & What Makes A Strap Good For Diving

Diving Watch Straps; What Are They & What Makes A Strap Good For Diving

While diving watches can be worn on dry land, they ultimately serve one core purpose - to function underwater. All underwater diving requires very precise timing and reliability to be safe, and so there are a number of special features that set dive watches apart from other watches - ISO 6425 standard, accuracy, water-resistance, legibility, durability & robustness, the list goes on. 

What makes a strap good for diving?

As well as the dive watch itself, there are a number of features that make a strap good for diving, such as water-resistance, adjustability and durability. Let's take a look: 


The watch itself isn’t the only thing that needs to be waterproof - it is crucial that the strap is too. Due to the significant water-resistance and natural lightness of rubber, rubber straps are the most common strap you will find on a diving watch.

While a leather strap is highly attractive on land, they are a natural, porous material, and therefore shouldn’t be exposed to water for long periods of time. Some leather watch straps, however, are totally waterproof and have been specifically made for use in the water (some are water-resistant up to 300m, such as the Hirsch Performance range), making them great accompaniments for diving watches.

Hirsch Performance

The Performance straps by Hirsch are exceptionally waterproof, featuring patterned natural rubber base and are water resistant up to 300m - ideal for active users who spent lots of time in the water. 

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If diving, It is likely that you’ll be wearing a dive watch over a wetsuit or even a dry suit which both increase the size of your wrists substantially. For this reason, many straps that are meant to be worn with dive watches are built with increased adjustability, which may even include a deployant clasp with a divers extension to deal with the potential of increased wrist size. 


As much consideration goes into the materials used in the manufacture of dive watch straps as goes into the construction of the dive watch itself. After all, the strap of the watch is exposed to just as much water as the exterior of the case itself. 

The all-round strongest material for a dive watch strap is rubber, therefore not only are rubber watch straps water-resistant and comfortable, they are also known to be incredibly durable. Rubber straps are also scratch-resistant, so you can have peace of mind when partaking in underwater activities such as swimming or scuba diving. 

Another suitable durable material is stainless steel. This metal’s overall strength and potential for adjustability are compatible with the fact that some blends, called marine-grade steel, are exceptionally rust-resistant.

The Best Dive Watch Straps

ISOfrane Rubber Dive Watch Strap

The ISOfrane strap is one of the world's premier diving bands, with a timeless, functional design that dates back to the 1960s. The original isoprene rubber formula that gave it its soft, strong and waterproof characteristics is intact, but has been updated for the 21st century with hypoallergenic, non-toxic modifications that make it exceedingly kind to the users skin – all without using silicone, for maximal dust-resistance allowing the strap to retain its factory-fresh lustre for far longer than competing straps.

Crafter Blue Rubber Watch Strap

The Crafter Blue rubber watch straps are another fantastic option for diving, featuring a pure vulcanised rubber material together and brushed 316L stainless steel tang buckle & keeper. Its curved end ensures the tightest possible fit to your watch and is also non-marking, non-toxic and hypoallergenic; an excellent strap for prolonged use, both on land or at sea.

RIOS1931 Off Shore Leather Watch Strap

Featuring highly desirable water-resistant and hypoallergenic characteristics, the RIOS1931 Off Shore offers up excellent functionality and is ideal for those who participate in water activities and sports, as well as those with sensitive skin. 

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Hirsch Pure Natural Rubber Watch Strap

The Hirsch Pure collection is made entirely from soft and supple, natural rubber which is waterproof, tearproof and hypoallergenic - the perfect functional strap for diving! 

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Written by Kate, for Watch Obsession.