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Are Leather Watch Straps Waterproof?

are leather watch straps waterproof

As leather is a natural, porous material, it isn’t completely waterproof. Therefore, many leather watch straps available shouldn’t be exposed to water for long periods of time. If your leather strap gets wet, you will need to make sure your strap dries out long before you wear it again.

Some leather watch straps, however, are totally waterproof and have been specifically made for use in the water (some are water-resistant up to 300m!).

Here at Watch Obsession, we stock a wide range of waterproof and water-resistant watch straps which are functional, fashionable and ideal for those participating in marine activities. 


Our Top 4 Waterproof Watch Straps 

1. Hirsch Mariner 

The Hirsch Mariner is a velvet-smooth calfskin strap, coated in wax to give it its unique water-resistant properties. With diving glove leather lining and water resistance up to 100m, this is an excellent multipurpose diving strap. 

This stunning leather watch strap is an excellent companion to your favourite watch and is available in three earthen tones - Gold Brown, Brown and Black. The sporty, square design, white contrast stitch and smooth construction combine to form a truly unique item in the Hirsch collection.

Not only are Hirsch watch straps water-resistant, they are also sauna tested. Even the combination of heat, moisture and sweat does not harm them - they keep their shape, are comfortable to wear, and therefore a long-lasting adornment for any watch.

Hirsch Performance 

If you are looking for an exceptionally waterproof watch strap, then it is worth considering the Hirsch Performance range. The Performance straps have a patterned natural rubber base and are water resistant up to 300m - ideal for active users who spent lots of time in the water. 

Shop our full Hirsch range here. 

are leather straps waterproof

2. Di-Modell Rallye

Next we have the Di-Modell Rallye - a range inspired from the world of motorsport - offering a design that seamlessly marries both form and function. 

The Di-Modell is an attractive sports strap with a modern, perforated styling, wrought from soft and comfortable calfskin leather. Water-resistant up to 100m, these straps are a great choice for the marine sports enthusiasts and its sturdy yet lightweight construction makes for an excellent band for the active user. 

Shop our full Di-Modell range here. 

leather waterproof straps

3. Morellato Croquet

Another water-resistant favourite is the Morellato Croquet - a bright and vibrant watch strap made from high-grade calfskin leather

With it’s ‘easy click’ quick-release spring bar, the Croquet is an ideal band for those who love to accessorise, mixing and matching colours to suit their overall look.

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waterproof leather watch straps

4. RIOS1931 Off Shore

Featuring highly desirable water-resistant and hypoallergenic characteristics, the RIOS1931 Off Shore offers up excellent functionality and is ideal for those with sensitive skin, as well as those who participate in water activities.

The RIOS1931  is available in three natural shades - Mahogany, Mocha and Black - and embellished with matching tonal stitch along the outside edge. This is an excellent choice for those who enjoy aquatic sports, or simply want a solid and dependable replacement strap. 

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leather waterproof watch straps

Leather Watch Strap Care 

The 4 leather watch straps mentioned above have been made for use in the water at the forefront of the design. However, this does not exclude them from needing a bit of care following their exposure to water. 

We suggest that if you have used a water resistant watch strap in the shower, in the pool or in the sea then you should rinse the strap off with clean water before allowing it to fully dry before wearing the strap again.

For more information on how to care for your leather watch strap, take a look at this blog. 


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Written by Kate for WatchObsession