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Where Do You Wear Your Dive Watch?

Where Do You Wear Your Dive Watch?

Although Dive watches have been around since the fifties, official standards for what actually constituted a dive watch weren’t laid down until 1996.  After then it was only those models that successfully fulfilled the ISO 6425 specifications that were permitted to include the word ‘Diver’ on their dials. 

However, divers no longer rely on a mechanical watch, thanks to dive computers, which are far more accurate, reliable and user-friendly.

Enzo Mare Nero £3450.00

So why wear a dive watch? These watches are stylish accessories designed to be worn wherever you go, be that in the sea or elsewhere. A dive watch is built to perform reliably and need little maintenance.

So even though the mechanical dive watch is something of an anachronism in the modern age of diving, we still love the style history under the water and style statement above water.  If it is good enough for Bond….

So, assuming you won’t be wearing a dive watch to actually go diving what do you look for when selecting your next diver?  Here are some very of the things to consider and some suggestions from our current watch stock

Assuming you've already gotten your PADI certification, and your dive computer and you're just needing a wrist companion for your next spearfishing expedition like Mr Bond, you'll want a watch that has the following: 

  • At least 200m of water resistance
    • A highly legible dial with high-contrast illumination
    • Uni-directional, rotating count-up bezel
    • Domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating for added legibility at all angles in the water
    • ISO 6425 an added bonus (confirmation of corrosion and water resistance, and fixed strap strength) 
    • Either a durable rubber strap, or a bracelet with a wetsuit extension
    • 316L stainless steel case or better (for maximum corrosion resistance)

Omega Planet Ocean £4900.00

If you just want a capable and reliable sport watch that doesn't look too out-of-place at work or when you go out for the night, you'll want: 

  • A clean, simple dial — the classic three-hander is best
    • Either a bracelet or a smooth leather strap — a Nylon One-Piece OR Hirsch Performance strap can also work for this look.
    • Contrasting polished angles in the dial, bezel, and on the bracelet. ultimately, it shouldn’t be overly matte
    • Applied (raised), not printed indices for added contrast and dial depth
    • Not too much colour a subtle 'pop' is good, just don’t overdo it.


 ROLEX Submariner Date Oyster Perpetual £6950.00


The rugged, airtight construction of a good dive watch makes it a functional tool on your next wilderness trek. If this is what you're after, seek out: 

  • Powerful lume (like tritium or Superluminova) for trekking in the dark
    • A breathable One-Piece or Zulu style strap adds security, and can be worn outside a field jacket if needed, though the Hirsch |Tiger looks great on our Breitling (photo credit@aussimanga)
    • Flat sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating to minimize glare from the sun or a flashlight 
    • A timing bezel — countdown or count-up, and either uni or bi-directional rotation is fine

Breitling Super Ocean Heritage £1995.00 

Remember, at the end of the day, the watch-buying experience should be a fun one — especially if you're looking to own something 'for the long haul,' so take your time, and please contact us if you just want to discuss the options, we love a chat about watches we do!!