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VOH 9-Piece Screwdriver Set in Wooden Case

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An indispensable tool on every workbench, the VOH screwdriver set is of guaranteed professional quality. A knurled stainless steel handle provides a good grip. A hexagonal head in anodized aluminium mounted on a ball pivot allows for smooth rotation and precision work. Available in 16 different diameters, these screwdrivers are supplied with a high quality steel blade, ground in a «V». The diameters are engraved by laser on the screwdriver handles and each head colour corresponds to a specific size.

Contents: 9 Ergonomic screwdrivers in sizes: 
Ø 0.60 mm (+4 spare tips)
Ø 0.80 mm (+4 spare tips)
Ø 1.00 mm (+4 spare tips)
Ø 1.20 mm (+4 spare tips)
Ø 1.40 mm (+4 spare tips)
Ø 1.60 mm (+4 spare tips)
Ø 1.80 mm (+3 spare tips)
Ø 2.00 mm (+2 spare tips)
Ø 2.50 mm (+2 spare tips)

Knurled shaft made of stainless steel
Ball bearing head made of aluminium
Balanced weight distribution
Quality steel blades

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