ST 2906 05-20

Staib SOC 2906 Stainless Steel Milanaise Mesh Watch Bracelet - BLACK

  • $50.00
Bracelet Width
    Material: Stainless Steel
    Water resistance: Up to 300m
    Part №: ST 2906 05-XX

    • ×1 Staib Milanaise Watch Bracelet
    • ×1 Fitted Foldover Clasp
    • ×2 Fitted Spring Bars

    Watch End Buckle End Thickness
    (Watch End)
    (Buckle End)
    20mm 20mm 2.7mm 2.7mm M
    22mm 22mm 2.7mm 2.7mm M
    Length 'M' is equal to 115mm/75mm (185mm overall)

  • Staib SOC 2906 Milanaise Watch Bracelet

    Milanaise steel watch bracelets provide a reassuringly weighty and secure mooring for your watch, and were originally designed to endure the rigours of deep-sea diving while also sporting excellent airflow thanks to the numerous small gaps in the chainlink design.
    Designed by German mesh specialists Staib and manufactured at their dedicated facility in Hong Kong, these are hardy and handsome examples of the artform and come outfitted with a convenient and reliable foldover clasp.

    The 2906 is similar in design to the 2905, but features larger individual links and is thicker overall, giving the bracelet a chunkier, slightly more substantial feel on the wrist.

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