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RIOS1931 Screw-Fitting Strap Connector for SPACE GREY ALUMINIUM Apple Watch

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With a secure screw-fit mechanism, this watch strap connector from RIOS1931 allows you to fit a wide variety of conventional watch straps to the large or small varieties of any generation of Apple Watch, including the new Ultra model.
Solidly constructed and designed to blend in with the Space Grey Aluminium variety of Apple Watch, this is a perfect, inexpensive solution that vastly diversifies your accessory options for the world's most popular smartwatch.

Apple Watch Size Converted Strap Width
42, 44, 45 or 49mm (Ultra) 24mm

Please note: A P2 pentalobe screwdriver (0.8mm, ★) is required to unfasten this adapter. This screwdriver is not included.

Any straps or watches pictured are for illustration purposes only and are not included.

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