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POLYWATCH Diamond Polish Scratch Remover for Glass Watch Crystals

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  • Removes small to medium scratches from watch crystals made of real glass
  • Versatile use: Can be used for watches, smartphones, car windscreens, furniture, household glass, windows, and more!


  • 2-Component-System:
    • Step 1 -  the High-Tech Diamond "Repair-Polish" removes the scratches
    • Step 2 -  the Diamond "Finishing-Polish" polishes on high gloss
  • Professional results thanks to the "Diamond-Polishing-Technology" (DPT)
  • Easy and effective application
  • Suitable for all glass qualities
  • Saves expensive repairs and conserves the value
  • For approx. 30 to 40 applications
  • All-Inclusive-Kit


1 × Repair No. 1 Syringe (0.5g)

1 × Finish No. 2 Syringe (0.5g)

1 × Polishing Rod

2 × 6 Polishing Strips