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Hirsch GENUINE CROCO Shiny Blue Crocodile Leather Watch Strap

£163.00 - £211.50
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Crafted from specially-selected South American crocodile flank and dyed with a meticulous fibre-deep process, the Genuine Croco has an intricate, natural texture of variable-size scales, ensuring no two straps are exactly alike. With its shiny finish, this is a luxurious accessory for your watch and is available in a wide variety of sizes and colours.


Please note: Any watches pictured are for illustration purposes only and are not included.


These straps are generally a very dark shade of navy blue, and may appear almost black under more subdued lighting conditions.


Straps may vary slightly from those pictured.


Upper Layer: Genuine South American Crocodile Flank
Lower Layer: Silkglove leather lining
Water resistance: Splash Resistant
Warranty: 12 months



  • ×1 Hirsch Genuine Croco watch strap
  • ×1 Hirsch H-Tradition Buckle
  • ×2 Loops/Keepers
  • ×2 Quick-Release Spring Bars


Watch End


Buckle End








12mm10mm2.5mm2.5mmM -110mm/70mm
13mm10mm2.5mm2.5mmM -110mm/70mm
13mm12mm2.5mm2.5mmM -110mm/70mm
14mm12mm2.5mm2.5mmM -110mm/70mm
15mm14mm2.5mm2.5mmM -110mm/70mm
16mm14mm2.5mm2.5mmM -110mm/70mm


17mm      14mm      2.5mm      2.5mm      M -110mm/70mm
17mm16mm2.5mm2.5mm L -120mm/80mm

M -110mm/70mm

 L -120mm/80mm

19mm16mm2.5mm2.5mm L -120mm/80mm
20mm16mm2.5mm2.5mm L -120mm/80mm
20mm18mm2.5mm2.5mm L -120mm/80mm
22mm20mm2.5mm2.5mm L -120mm/80mm




Min Combined Length


Max Combined Length


M ≈120

 L  ≈130

M ≈160

 L  ≈180




Using the menu above, you can optionally add a Hirsch Sport deployment clasp to your purchase (for compatible straps) in a either silver or gold tone. Additional costs as indicated.


A deployment clasp adds quick-release functionality to your watch strap for added convenience.

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