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Hirsch GENUINE CROCO Open Ended Crocodile Leather Watch Strap in BLACK

£99.00 GBP

This strap is the paragon of timeless elegance.

  • South-American fibre-deep barrel-dyed crocodile flank punched by hand to provide the surface with its brilliant shine
  • Typical net-type surface structure of larger and smaller scales
  • HIRSCH Silkglove lining leather
  • Flat design
  • Fine tone on tone backstitched seam
  • Hand-sewn bar seam along the buckle
  • Hand-sewn safety stitch on the loose loop
  • Beautiful buckle in HIRSCH Tradition Design


Upper Leather: Croco Shiny
Lining Leather: Oysterglove Supersoft

Strap Length : Medium - 110mm / 70mm                  

This strap is suitable for watches with fixed bars only.

Strap pictured is 20mm in width.

Watch End Buckle End Thickness Length
16 14 2.5 M
17 14 2.5 M
18 16 2.5 M
19 16 2.5 M
20 16 2.5 M

**Product may differ slightly to image**