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Forstner KOMFIT MILITARY Stainless Steel Horizontal Slat Watch Bracelet - BRUSHED Finish

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Known in some circles as the 'Florentine', this handsome and authentic recreation of a true classic is brimming with 1930s art deco charm. The horizontal slatted design is striking to be hold, and the original vintage model was among the first equipped with the patented 'slide band' that the Komfit line would become known for, allowing for unparalleled adjustability and ease of use.

The spring-loaded ends fit almost all watches with a lug spacing between 16mm-20mm and accepts spring bars up to 1.8mm in diameter.

Please note: Any watches pictured are for illustration purposes only and are not included.


Bracelet may vary slightly from those pictured.


Construction: Brushed Stainless Steel
Water resistance: Splash Resistant



  • ×1 Forstner Komfit Military Watch Bracelet


Wrist SizeWatch EndClasp EndThickness
6-8 inches
(approx. 130mm-225mm)

Please note: 'Wrist Size' measurements are dependent upon the watch that the bracelet is fitted to.




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