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Forstner BEADS OF RICE Stainless Steel Mesh Watch Bracelet

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An update to the vintage JB beads of rice bracelet originally made in the mid-20th century by Jacoby-Bender (sometimes also known as the 'grains of rice'), this intricate bracelet with an alternating brushed and polished pattern captures the essence of the venerable classic while subtly updating its functionality for modern sensibilities.


Links can be removed via a single screw system in order to adjust the circumference of the bracelet; further micro-adjustments can be made via the clasp. The bracelet is a parallel 16mm in width on all models; only the lug end connector varies in width, and said connector is non-removable.


Please note: Forstner recommends caution if wearing the bracelet on watches with spring (or fixed) bars narrower than 1.5mm (typically, removable spring bars are at least 1.5mm, so this should ordinarily not be an issue). If wearing the bracelet on watches with bars under 1.5mm, we recommend practicing fitting the bracelet over a soft surface to ensure that the fit is sufficiently secure. Moreover, on watches with such narrow bars, a tighter fit is better--while the risk of inadvertent removal is small, it is increased when the bracelet is worn loosely. 


Any watches pictured are for illustration purposes only and are not included.


Bracelet may vary slightly from those pictured.


Construction: Brushed/Polished Stainless Steel
Water resistance: Splash Resistant



  • ×1 Forstner Beads of Rice Watch Bracelet
  • ×1 Screwdriver


Watch EndBuckle EndThicknessLength
16mm16mm3.0mm5 - 8 inches
17mm16mm3.0mm5 - 8 inches
18mm16mm3.0mm5 - 8 inches
19mm16mm3.0mm5 - 8 inches
20mm16mm3.0mm5 - 8 inches








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