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OEM Watch Straps

Breitling Style Shark Watch Strap and Buckle in HONEY BROWN

£32.95 GBP


This quality strap is made with high precision according to Breitling OEM specifications.

Shark Hide strap in "Honey Brown" with White stitching. The edges are coated with leather - an indication of quality.

Made specifically to suit Breitling watches and all dimensions in line with Breitling specifications.

These straps use the highest quality leather to guarantee highly comfortable wearing.

The Lining leather is made of soft calf with anti-allergic coating.

Upper Leather - Shark Hide Leather
Lining Leather - Anti Allergic Calf Leather
Strap Length - 120 / 80mm (approx)


Watch End Buckle End Thickness
20 18 7.2
22 20 7.4
24 20 7.6

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