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Bond Nylon Watch Strap Bundle

£21.90 - £23.90
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Choose from 9 diverse bundle options and enjoy the offer of 3 watch straps for the price of 2! Whether you aim to customize three watches or simply switch up the straps on a single timepiece, this deal caters to your needs. Once the one-piece strap is attached, changing between these straps requires no tools, streamlining the process of personalizing your watches. 

With remarkable adaptability for various watches and styles, the Bond Bundle provides you with the choice to adopt a discreet, sophisticated, or even adventurous look.

Crafted from 100% nylon, these straps prioritize comfort and breathability. Their design offers enhanced security, attaching to the watch at two distinct points unlike other options. Additionally, their extended length provides remarkable versatility, enabling wear over jackets—ideal for various outdoor activities like sailing, skiing, golfing, fishing, and more.

Please note: Any watches pictured are for illustration purposes only and are not included.

Straps may vary slightly from those pictured.


Material: Nylon
Water resistance: Splash proof
Part №: OPB-50-5030-504020-XX-XX

  • 265mm total length (excluding buckle)
  • 245mm total usable length (excluding buckle)
  • 160mm shortest usable length (excluding buckle)
  • 80mm of strap between the two keepers where you put your watch.




Bundle Customisation

We recognize that certain buckles complement specific watch straps. To personalize your bundle:


  1. Navigate to the 'Strap By Type' section and choose either one-piece or click the designated link
  2. Create your own bundle and any three watch straps you desire
  3. Or select the watch straps in this bundle by clicking on the link assigned to the buckle option:
    - Nylon Watch Strap in Black (Polished/PVD/Brushed/Gold)
    - Nylon Watch Strap in Black/Grey Stripes (Polished/PVD)
    - Nylon Watch Strap in Black/Olive/Red (Polished/PVD)
  4. Select your desired width size and length
  5. Add your customized bundle to the basket


Enjoy the automatic 3 for 2 discount applied at checkout as you proceed as usual.

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