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Beco Technic

BECO TECHNIC BasicPlus Watch Screwdriver with Spare Tips

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The BasicPlus is the dependable workhorse of Beco Technic's line of precision screwdrivers, manufactured to a high standard in their European factory.
The barrel is crafted from SAE 8660 stainless steel, featuring a knurled texture on the barrel and head for highly dependable grip and material strength, while the blade is made of a durable vanadium-steel alloy.



  • Removable tip (4 replacement spares included for 1.00mm, 1.20mm, 1.40mm models; 3 spares included with the 1.60mm model)
  • Overall length - 90mm approx.
  • Grooved barrel and rotating head for easy, safe use.
  • Complete in retail packaging as pictured.

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