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Your next rubber watch strap could be a Bonetto Cinturini

Your next rubber watch strap could be a Bonetto Cinturini

If you are signed up to our newsletter then you might know that we have been talking for some time about becoming Bonetto Cinturini UK stockists. Well, the time is finally here and we can officially say that we are authorised stockists for the Italian rubber watch strap brand. Our collection starts off small but promises to grow with our demand so if there is a style and colour you'd love to see then please let us know.

Bonetto Cinturini Model 317

Our collection begins with a real dependable rubber watch strap. The Model 317 is a classic looking rubber watch strap made using premium material and the latest technology. You can get this style to suite either a 22mm or 24mm lug width in Black, Dark Grey, Dark Blue, Dark Green or Orange with the length being a generous 134mm/75mm. The strap is silky smooth both in appearance and feel with its stylish buckle which you can have in a polished or sandblasted finish. Two loose keepers will make sure the strap is in place when on your wrist and can be easily removed if only one is needed.

Bonetto Cinturini 328 NATO

We always knew that the 328 NATO would feature in our first run of straps from BC... It looks and feels great on the wrist and is something just a little bit different. To start with, we only have a black option with a choice of polished or sandblasted hardware. There is however, an endless choice of colours that these great little rubber straps can come in so if you have a colour you would love to see then let us know and it could end up joining our line-up. Coming in 20mm or 22mm, the nato is 275mm long with a number of pin holes to choose from. Both this strap and the 317 have that infamous scent that some rubber straps come with, you can't beat it.

Bonetto Cinturini Model 328 on Oris

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