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Back with a bang... The return of the Tropic dive strap

Back with a bang... The return of the Tropic dive strap

A brief history of the TROPIC™ dive strap.

When the TROPIC watch strap was first introduced circa 1960s, they quickly became a popular alternative to steel bracelets that dive watches from that era would come fitted with. Back then the dive straps were made from a soft plastic composite that was moulded in to the iconic shapes that we have come to know well. Original TROPIC straps from the 60s are becoming increasingly rare and to buy one today would cost a lot more now than it would in the 60s.

TROPIC Dive Watch Strap fitted to Oris 65 Diver

Welecomed updates

2019 saw the reintroduction of the official TROPIC watch strap but not as it was once known. The TROPIC dive strap would now be made from a vulcanized rubber formula that has been refined for use as a watch strap making the new model more comfortable and resilient when worn for diving.

Oris and TROPIC strap combo on the wrist

Instantly recognisable

Bringing back the TROPIC dive strap would no doubt prove to be a hit but only if it were executed properly. True to the original, the new TROPIC has a dramatic taper from the watch end down to the buckle end and plenty of length to allow for your watch to be worn over a wetsuit. Also featured on the new TROPIC dive strap is the 'tapestry' patterned surface that was one of the most desirable aspects of the original dive straps.

Anthracite TROPIC dive strap on Oris 65 Diver

It performs well too...

Thanks to the latest rubber watch strap manufacturing processes, the all new TROPIC dive strap is one of the best straps you can fit to your dive watch. The back of the strap has the iconic deep diamond shaped embossing with holes throughout the length of the strap to allow your wrist to breathe and dry out after getting wet.

TROPIC dive strap in black with brushed buckle

 The future is bright

This is the first instalment of the TROPIC dive strap resurgence. It is confirmed that other width options are in the works and rumoured that other designs will follow this one. For now, let us enjoy this one for a bit as it has been a long time coming.

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