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What Is an Open-Ended Watch Strap?

What Is an Open-Ended Watch Strap?

An open-ended watch strap is designed to loop through the fixed bar of a watch, and then be secured in place with metal closures or glue — rather than pins or spring bars. Most open-ended watch straps come with an adhesive coat, which allows it to be glued to the reverse side of the watch band. This type of set-up, where an open-ended strap is needed to fit a watch case with a fixed bar, is most common with older or vintage watch models. 

How to Fit an Open-Ended Watch Strap

To fit an open-ended watch strap to your fixed bar watch,

  1. Remove your original strap from the fixed lugs. You might need to cut off the strap or prise it apart. 
  2. Apply a small amount of nail polish remover to the glue spots on your new open-ended strap. 
  3. Thread the strap through the fixed bar and use fitting clips to hold it in place. 
  4. Wait a couple hours for there to be a good bind between the glue spots, and then remove the fitting clips. 

For open-ended watch straps with metal clips, the process is a little different. Remove the original strap as before, unfold the metal clips on your new strap with a flat blade or tool, thread the strap through and push the metal clips back through the open end of the strap, pressing the ends down towards each other so that the metal clips holds the strap end together. 

For extra support, you can add glue to the end of the strap before you flatten down the clips.

Open-Ended Watch Strap Recommendations

Remember that these open-ended watch straps are designed for use with non-removable fixed-bar watches.

1. Hirsch Camelgrain

The Hirsch Camelgrain, available in Honey and Black, is a carefully crafted and comfortable strap with a hypoallergenic 'Pro Skin' lining — making it ideal for those with sensitive skin. 

The neck-leather boasts a refined grain, for a look that matches the thoughtfulness of its design.

2. Hirsch Rainbow

With an unmistakable texture that's enhanced by its glossy finish, the Hirsch Rainbow boasts a lizard-style emboss with its densely-packed faux scales. Available in Brown and Black.

3. Hirsch Duke

The Hirsch Duke is a versatile strap that has remained a firm favourite with our customers over the years. With its refined alligator-style emboss, high-quality Italian calfskin construction and superb fit and finish, this is an ideal accompaniment to your favourite fixed-bar watch. 

4. Hirsch Toronto 

The Toronto watch strap from Hirsch combines a lightweight and minimalist design with an intricate, fine-grained embossed texture. The refined upper layer sits atop a smooth leather lining for a comfortable fit, while the quick-release mechanism promises ultimate convenience. 

5. Hirsch Croco

Looking for the real thing? The Hirsch Croco is crafted from specially-selected South American crocodile flank, and dyed with a meticulous fibre-deep process, to create an intricate and unique strap for your timepiece.

For more advice, read our full guide on how to choose a watch strap.

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