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What is a Watch Bracelet?

What is a Watch Bracelet?

To put it simply, a watch bracelet is a type of watch band which affixes the watch to your wrist, commonly made of metallic substances such as stainless steel, titanium or gold. They are the most popular type of watch band on the market, and for good reason. 

Due to their material, watch bracelets are often extremely durable, meaning they can be worn in pretty much any type of weather, during any type of activity, without worrying about them getting damaged. 

As well as boasting durability, metal watch bracelets are greatly desired from a fashionable and professional point of view, especially in formal situations, such as a nice dinner, a night out with colleagues, or at work. Watch bracelets typically look more luxurious and expensive than other strap alternatives, especially when paired with high-end watches like Omega and Rolex.

How Should a Watch Bracelet Fit?

While there is no universal answer to how tight a watch should be on your wrist, it should fit tightly enough to prevent the watch falling off, yet loose enough so it doesn’t hurt or leave imprints on your skin. 

It’s also important to note that there is some subjectivity when it comes to watch bracelet fit. Some prefer their watches to fit securely, while others would rather them to fit a little looser, so think about your own preferences when deciding the best fit. 

If you find your watch bracelet sliding up and down your forearm or dangling from your wrist, it’s very likely that you need to adjust the metal bracelet by removing the metal links. This will reduce the size of the bracelet, allowing a more comfortable and secure fit.

For a simple step-by-step guide on how to adjust a metal bracelet watch, check out our blog. 

How To Polish a Watch Bracelet

Unless you are wearing your watch in a filthy environment or in the sea, it’s unlikely that you’ll need to wash it often. However, some metal watch bracelets are prone to scratches and require polishing to keep it looking as good as new. The good news is that scratches can be removed from the bracelet pretty quickly, and regardless of whether you’re cleaning a stainless steel, titanium or gold bracelet, the technique is the same. 

All you will need is a good quality polishing cloth and a little polishing solution. Remember to use a polishing cloth that is appropriate for use on metal surfaces.

Here are some of our top tips when polishing your watch:

  • Before you polish your watch, make sure you thoroughly clean the metal watch bracelet to remove any dirt and grime.
  • Avoid applying too much pressure - you don’t want to overdo it and risk damaging the bracelet.
  • You will only need to spend a few minutes polishing unless the scratches are deep or large. 
  • Do not polish surfaces that have no scratches as you will remove a fine layer of metal from the surface. 

To ensure your watch bracelet remains protected for longer, you might want to try a watch protector sealant. This specially-formulated kit allows you to apply an invisible protective layer to your watch, defending it from the minor marks and scratches it might otherwise pick up in day-to-day use. 

Best Watch Bracelet Brands

Two of the best watch bracelet brands are without a doubt Staib and Forstner - both highly regarded manufacturers in the world of premium watch bracelets. 


STAIB are a dignified German firm specialising in the production of mesh jewellery and produce the finest Milanaise watch bracelets in the world. Their stock-in-trade are 'Milanaise' bracelets; intricate chain-link bands originally designed for use by deep-sea divers.

Staib 2785 Premium Milanaise 316L Stainless Steel Mesh Watch Bracelet

The Staib 2785 is a premium Milanaise mesh bracelet produced in Pforzheim, Germany. It is a beautifully intricate and flexible bracelet while also incredibly durable, wrought from high quality 316L stainless steel. 

The bracelet features a secure and easy-to-use push-button clasp with its own contrasting brushed finish. Its lightweight nature and material characteristics make it a particularly great accompaniment to a diving watch, but it also pairs well with a variety of other watch styles.

What is a Watch Bracelet?



Forstner's idea was to make a watch bracelet where the buckle and clasp could move along the length of the strap, and then be secured once the proper fit was located. The unique clasping mechanism is still used today in the Komfit reissue - including by NASA astronauts! 

Forstner KOMFIT 'JB' Stainless Steel Square Mesh Watch Bracelet with Horned Ends

The square-link on this timeless Forstner stainless steel mesh bracelet is lightweight and aerated for a cool, comfortable fit, while the lug ends are equipped with spring-loaded adjustable fittings, allowing it to accurately fit any watch with a lug width between 16mm and 20mm. The unique front-facing clasp has also been re-engineered to prevent the 'slipping' problems, which can occur in vintage models.

What is a Watch Bracelet?


Forstner FLAT LINK Stainless Steel Watch Bracelet for OMEGA Speedmaster 

This stunning flat-link stainless steel band is slimline, lightweight and flexible, and has a trademark rattle that's satisfying and substantial. Unlike the hollow components throughout the original vintage bracelets, this modern interpretation has been improved with fully solid links and end-pieces, and is available in choice of two different finish styles: polished outer and brushed inner links, or an all-brushed option.

What is a Watch Bracelet?

Forstner MODEL J Stainless Steel Mesh Watch Bracelet for Tudor Black Bay

The Forstner Model J evokes the classic Jubilee bracelet with an enhanced profile, distinct polished outer edges with brushed inner links, finished off with the faultless Forstner milled push-button clasp and single-screw removable links for peerless convenience and adjustability.

What is a Watch Bracelet?


Learn about the different types of watch bracelets here. 

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Written by Kate, for Watch Obsession.