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Waterproof Sharkskin Watch Strap by Di-Modell

Sharkskin watch strap by Di-Modell

With a choice of six classic colours, the Di-Modell Sharkskin is a great looking watch strap which will elevate the look and feel of your watch. The unmistakable textured surface of the Di-Modell Sharkskin watch strap is not just good to look at but it has some quality features that make this strap a great all rounder.

Di-Modell Sharkskin waterproof watch strap

You might normally associate shark skin watch straps with Breitling watches new and old but that is not to say that shark skin straps don't look fantastic on other dive watches. We fitted the deep green version of this strap to our Doxa Sub 200 and it looks great.

Di-Modell Sharkskin waterproof watch strap

Shark skin quite evidently adorns the upper of this watch strap but what lines the watch strap is worth mentioning. Those of you that are familiar with Di-Modell will know that many of their watch straps come with their loop anchor, a discreet loop of fabric that keeps the loose keeper in check ensuring it does not ride up the strap. Not only is this watch strap waterproof but it also has Di-Modell's signature Aero lining which allows the strap to be breathable and super comfortable.

Di-Modell Sharkskin Waterproof Watch Strap

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