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Avus and Carbonio arrive at WatchObsession

Avus and Carbonio arrive at WatchObsession

The Di-Modell name has been around a while with a great reputation for well finished, high quality watch straps. What is great about the Di-Modell brand is that they tend to do watch straps a little differently by throwing in unique features every now and then. We have recently added the Avus and Carbonio to our collection so here is a bit more information about them.

Di-Modell Avus

The humble Rally strap is one that belongs in almost any watch strap rotation. It pairs so well with pilot watches and sport chronographs making it quite diverse. Another selling point is the fairly obvious holes that run down the middle of the strap. These holes both look good and allow air to circulate better between the strap and your wrist.

There are many versions of the Rally strap out there so it can be tough to stand out. The Avus keeps things simple but has a few style points that you might not find elsewhere. Lightly grained black calfskin leather is accented by a really nice off-white stitch that wraps around the edges of the strap. Something you don't see often is the leather tab that sits beneath the buckle of this strap. It exists to form a barrier between the buckle and the wrist which makes wearing it more comfortable and reduces the risk of a reaction to the metal buckle.

Di-Modell Carbonio

Our second new Di-Modell model is the Carbonio. Another strap that could easily stay under the radar for many but the Carbonio, like the Avus, has some really redeeming features that make it well worth considering. As the name suggests, the Carbonio has an awesome deep black carbon fibre embossed top leather that is paired with the really nice off-white stitching that Di-Modell do so well. The strap itself is moderately padded throughout the width options without being too thick and features the Di-Modell specific loop anchor.

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