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Top 10 Handmade Italian Leather Watch Straps

Top 10 Handmade Italian Leather Watch Straps

Leather watch straps are known to be durable, comfortable, stylish and overall reliable watch straps -- making them a good investment for all. When you add in a handmade factor and the allure of premium real Italian leather, their appeal is only increased. After all, through leveraging centuries-old techniques and remaining open to technological innovation, handmade Italian leather is regarded as the best leather in the world. 

We've picked our top ten handmade Italian leather watch straps to help you decide which one will pair best with your favourite timepiece. 

Our Top Handmade Italian Leather Watch Straps

1. JPM Italian Vintage Leather Watch Strap

Hand-crafted and hand-finished in Italy by the eponymous Jean Paul Menicucci himself, the Vintage Leather strap is wrought from beautifully soft and supple leather, carefully distressed to impart an intricate texture. This strap encompasses the true definition of excellent craftsmanship. 

The JPM Italian Vintage Leather is available in a selection of earthen tones. This includes the Elegant Print Leather version, a handmade Italian leather strap adorned with an intricate applied pattern and attractive beige stitch. 

And that's not all! The JPM Vintage also comes in a soft and supple suede leather for a watch strap that is pleasing to the eyes and the touch. 

2. JPM Italian Shell Cordovan Watch Strap

The JPM Shell Cordovan is also hand-crafted and hand-finished in Italy by Jean Paul Menicucci himself. This Horween Chicago Shell Cordovan strap is wrought from soft, supple leather with an applied lacquer finish on the upper side for a strikingly shiny effect.

Choose from a range of earth tones, suited for an even wider range of watches.

3. JPM NERO Vintage Leather Watch Strap

The Nero series from Jean-Paul Menicucci offers up a new twist on their tried and true line of vintage leather watch straps, outfitted with stark black stitching adorning its lug ends and taper.

The leather construction maintains the level of quality and sophistication typical of a JPM product, with a refined natural grain and supple yet hardy composition.

4. JPM Italian Vintage Leather Racing Watch Strap

We're not done with JPM yet! If his other watch straps didn't quite do it for you, this once sure will. The JPM Vintage Leather Racing strap is a highly-desirable watch strap, effortlessly combining the rustic appeal of vintage-style Italian leather with the modern design sensibilities of its sporty, perforated racing profile.

Outfitted with a matching-colour backstitched seam and a high-quality polished steel buckle, this is a superb option for those seeking both style and substance.

5. Morellato GAUDÌ Leather Watch Strap

Founded in 1930 by Giulio Morellato in a Venetian workshop, the Morellato name rose to prominence as a mark of quality just as the wristwatch itself began to truly see mainstream adoption.

The GAUDÌ is a relatively slimline, handmade watch strap with handsome square padding, surrounded by high-quality calfskin leather in a choice of four earthen hues. It features clean-cut edges and a contrasting cream stitch that both accentuates its handsome profile and makes it more durable.

8. Morellato Bramante Vintage Leather Watch Strap

The Bramante sports the inherently handsome qualities of high-grade vintage leather, minimally adorned with selective tonal stitching. There is a reinforcement line at the watch end, and triangular detailing at the taper.

7. Morellato EL GRECO Leather Watch Strap

The El Greco is a handmade leather band with an understated, rustic appeal. It sports a lightly padded, square profile and is outfitted with a cream contrast stitch that accents its overall look.

8. Morellato Levy Vintage Leather Watch Strap

A traditionally-styled and durable strap wrought from high-quality vintage leather, the Levy from Italian manufacturer Morellato is a perennial favourite. It features muted and understated colour, a matching tonal edge stitch, and moderate rounded padding encased in a semi-remborded construction. 

If you're after something more exotic, our next two straps are perfect.

9. Morellato Tintoretto Genuine Deerskin Leather Watch Strap

The Tintoretto watch strap from Morellato is crafted from high-quality genuine deerskin; a material well-loved for its lightweight and supple characteristics which endures even after it becomes wet.

The Tintoretto features moderate, rounded padding with a half-remborded construction, and a tone-on-tone stitched detail around the edges and across the keepers.

10. Morellato GUTTUSO Alligator-Embossed Leather Watch Strap

Handsome and intricately detailed, the Guttuso watch strap from Morellato is crafted from high-quality calfskin, imprinted with an authentic alligator-style embossed texture. The strap has a distinctive rounded taper and is outfitted with a contrasting cream stitch around the outside edge, further accentuating its look.

One for the Road

Hirsch Lucca Watch Strap

This one's cheating a little (it's not from Italy!) but we couldn't resist including it. A chunky, substantial yet supple band imbued with a hand-crafted charm, the Lucca draws on traditional Tuscan leather-working techniques to deliver a strap with real presence. Accentuated hand-stitched details and Rembordé edge-lacquer treatment complete the look, while Hirsch's peerless Oysterglove inner lining completes the feel.

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Written by Holly, for Watch Obsession UK.