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Top 5 Watch Straps for the Omega Seamaster No Time To Die

Top 5 Watch Straps for the Omega Seamaster No Time To Die

In 2021, Omega took their Seamaster and made it fit for today's James Bond. It was the 9th time that the two collaborated and this time around, Omega made the watch you see on screen part of their main collection. Dubbed the NTTD Seamaster, this watch was (and is currently) available from Omega with a beautiful mesh bracelet or a nylon watch strap

The watch is made from grade 2 titanium which makes it lighter yet hard wearing. Perfect for Bond when he goes on these epic chases through unreal scenery or is face to face with a villain. Great for Bond but Titanium watches can be a little tricky to pair straps to which is why we have grabbed 5 of our favourites and fitted them to this awesome Seamaster. 

We cannot deny that this watch looks incredible on the titanium mesh bracelet that it comes with but when you fancy a change, here are the 5 straps we think you should consider.


Our Top 5 watch straps for the OMEGA Seamaster NTTD are:

  1. Tropic Dive Strap
  2. RIOS1931 French Strap
  3. RIOS1931 Mittenwald Strap
  4. JPM Vintage Suede Strap
  5. Erika's Originals MN Strap

1. Tropic Dive Strap

First up is the brown rubber dive strap by Tropic. If you were looking for a rubber watch strap for your NTTD Seamaster then this one should be it. What we love most about this pairing is if you didn't know any better, you'd think the strap was made specifically for this watch. The colours match perfectly and the vintage inspired styling of the Tropic strap speaks to the faux patina of the Seamaster.

This strap would be cemented in to the strap rotation for this watch. If you weren't keen on the brown version of this strap, the black could and would also work well.

TROPIC Dive Watch Strap in BROWN

Omega Seamaster No Time To Die Tropic Strap

Since the reintroduction of the official Tropic watch strap, they have been very popular. Undergoing a few updates recently, the collection is now stronger than ever.

You can take a look at all available colours in our Tropic Dive Strap collection

2. RIOS1931 French Strap 

We picked out the RIOS1931 French as a strap option for those that might want to elevate the look and feel of the watch without going for a croc or alligator strap. If you don't know of the French, it is a strap that is modelled on a certain French fashion house known for their beautiful leather. 

This cashmere colour complements the brown on the watch nicely whilst speaking to the faux patina at the same time. If Cashmere isn't for you, the French also comes in other colours that would also work well with this watch.

RIOS1931 French textured leather strap in Cashmere

Omega Seamaster No Time To Die RIOS1931 French Strap

The French is a versatile leather watch strap made from quality materials and delivered at an affordable price. You can get the French in any one of the interesting colours and completely change the look of any watch.

See our full range of RIOS1931 French watch straps here


3. RIOS1931 Mittenwald Strap

Watch straps do not come much softer than the organic collection by RIOS1931. Taken from that super supple collection is the Mittenwald which is a vintage style, two stitch watch strap in a deep dark brown with coffee coloured stitching.

Like with every strap we fit to the NTTD Seamaster, we were pleasantly surprised with just how good it looked. The dark brown leather complements the watch so well and gives it a casual look.


RIOS1931 Mittenwald Organic Watch Strap in Mocha

Brown Organic watch strap


If the RIOS1931 Mittendwald looks like a watch strap that you would like to try, you can browse the full collection and take your pick from three colour options. All of which have good width options to suit most watches.

All three colour options can be seen here - RIOS1931 Mittenwald Organic Watch Strap

4. JPM Vintage Suede Strap

Okay, so not every watch strap in this feature is as practical as the watch. This option is almost purely for the aesthetic. What this strap lacks in practicality, it makes up for in personality with the soft vintage suede topside and artisan finishing.

This beige JPM strap is still hard wearing and it will look better and better as time goes on. It is worth noting though that if you want to push this watch to its limits, the JPM Vintage Strap is not the option for you.


JPM Vintage Suede Watch Strap in Beige

Vintage suede watch strap

Plucked from the main JPM watch strap range on Watch Obsession, this two stitch style vintage looking watch strap is part of a broader range of beautiful artisan watch straps. All handmade in Italy from premium materials, JPM straps are now well established in the watch world having adorned some serious prestigious timepieces.

All of the Vintage Suede JPM straps can be seen here - JPM Vintage Suede 


5. Erika's Originals MN Strap

Without sounding too cliché... we might have saved the best for last. You will most certainly agree with us if you like MN straps and the unrivalled comfort and versatility that they offer. This MN strap is from our Erika's Originals collection and this particular model is the Havana with Mokka centerline.  

As soon as we fitted this strap, we just knew that it was actually perfect for the NTTD Seamaster. The Havana model draws its colour inspiration from Cuba's most famous export and that cigar brown pairs so well with the brown of the NTTD dial. What makes it an even better match is the Mokka centerline that Erika made available in that model. It complements the faux patina and looks as though the two were drawn up together in Bienne.


Erika's Originals MN Havana MN Watch Strap with Mokka Cenrerline

MN watch strap on the NNTD Seamaster

Many have tried but few can come even remotely close to the quality and comfort of an Erika's Originals MN strap. That is largely down to the passion and commitment that Erika pours in to her straps. Even the elasticated fabric that the straps are made from are designed and manufactured in house by Erika's team.

On Watch Obsession, you will find almost all of the straps Erika offers. When you order from Watch Obsession, you are ordering a strap that is already made up so delivery is quick and you get the strap on your watch quicker. Take a look at the full collection here - Erika's Originals MN Straps 

That concludes our breakdown of the best watch straps to suit the No Time To Die Omega Seamaster. We hope that this article will inspire and assist you with your next watch strap purchase. If you require any assistance then our dedicated customer service team is on hand to help you find your next watch strap.

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Written by Mathew, for WatchObsession.