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Three watch straps to fit to your Tudor Pelagos

Titanium watch by Tudor on ammo pouch

The Tudor Pelagos has been around some time now, we first saw it back at Baselworld 2012 where it was a big talking point. Between the Pelagos and the Black Bay, Tudor have been able to appeal to a whole new generation of watch lovers and along with that appeal comes the desire to make the watch your own. One of the things you can do to help your Tudor stand out is change the bracelet out for an aftermarket watch strap.

In this post we take a look at three 22mm watch straps from different brands that will help you refresh the look of your Tudor Pelagos. The straps we picked out  come from these three great watch strap makers, Crafter Blue, Erika's Originals & Hirsch.

First up, the tight fitting rubber strap by Crafter Blue

Crafter Blue rubber watch strap in grey fitted to a black Tudor Pelagos

The first of our three watch strap suggestions comes from Crafter Blue, the brand most known for Seiko replacement watch straps. Using the same great formula that they apply to their Seiko straps, Crafter Blue are able to create a curved end rubber watch strap that fits tight to the case of the Tudor Pelagos. This desirable look is great for those that don't want to see a gap between their strap and the case of the watch.

Follow this link for more details on this grey rubber strap for the Tudor Pelagos.

Erika's Original design is perfect for the Tudor Pelagos

Elasticated MN watch strap and Tudor Pelagos in Black

This humble MN watch strap has a fantastic backstory that we touched on in a previous blog post. For this suggestion, we chose the subtle full black MN strap by Erika's Originals. The black on black combo works really well without throwing in a coloured centreline that you might see on other MN straps. What makes the MN strap so appealing is the texture of the elasticated material that is just so eye catching. It is made from similar material to what you might find on a parachute which is a great talking point when someone asks what strap it is. You can micro adjust this watch strap thanks to the simple yet effective fastening mechanism that Erika came other with.

Follow this link for more information on this particular watch strap by Erika's Originals.

Finally, a super popular rubber dive strap that goes well with almost any watch

Tudor Pelagos and textured rubber watch strap in black

Our final suggestion comes from a brand that have been making watch straps for as long as they even existed. Hirsch are probably best known for their high quality leather watch straps but they also make a great line of watch straps made from natural rubber. The one we picked out for the Tudor is the Hirsch Accent and although it looks fantastic on almost any watch, it does look especially good on the Pelagos. The patterned centre section is a perfect contrast to the super slick, clean lines of the case and dial design of the Tudor Pelagos. You can get this watch strap with a pin buckle fitted or upgrade that to a deployment clasp which makes putting the watch on every day a piece of cake.

Follow this link for more information on this strap and all available buckle/clasp options.

That concludes our suggestions for quality watch straps that suit the Tudor Pelagos. If you can think of a better suggestion or want to see how to dress this watch up, let us know in the comment section.