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Brand Focus: Erika's Originals MN Watch Straps

Brand Focus: Erika's Originals MN Watch Straps

Before we tell you more about Erika's Originals, we must first give you a few details on the history of the MN Watch Strap.

  • Firstly, MN is an abbreviation of Marine Nationale (French Navy).
  • Secondly, Tudor supplied watches (without straps) to the French Navy way back when.
  • Finally, in absence of said straps, members of the Marine Nationale would make straps from elastic parachute braid and hardware.

Now you know the basics, it is time to get you acquainted with one of most interesting new watch strap brands.

The first MN strap that Erika made was for her husband who is an avid vintage DOXA collector. Given DOXA's connection with the Marine Nationale, it only seems right that a DOXA collector has an MN strap in their rotation.

In order to make the strap, Erika sourced a period parachute and from it, used the elastic straps to recreate the MN straps seen on vintage watches.

During the construction of her first MN strap, Erika developed a way of the strap fastening that allows for micro adjustment thus maximising comfort for the user. Its attachment is the first of its kind and so unique that Erika was able to patent the design. To get a good idea of how the strap is fitted and worn, see this video - Erika's Originals MN Strap Fitting & Sizing Tutorial | Take Time, w/Patrick Marlett

It was after Erika's strap was posted on Instagram that she became inundated with requests from people all over the world wanting the same strap. The demand for the straps grew and so 'Erika's Originals' was born with initially a small collection but now boasts multiple collections spanning different width and stitch colour options.

The History of the MN watch strap, as told by Erika.

These straps are renowned for their comfort and durability. The all new attachment method also means that your watch will fit closer to your wrist than if you were using a One-Piece/Zulu strap.

We are super proud to be associated with this brand and cannot wait to stock more of Erika's awesome product.

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