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How To Fit A Deployment Clasp

how to fit a deployment clasp

A deployment clasp is a popular alternative to the conventional buckle as it’ll not only help prolong the life of your strap, but it’ll also keep your watch more secure on your wrist.

Now, fitting your deployment clasp may sound like a tricky task, but with our simple step-by-step guide, it’s actually really straightforward! Even if you’re no watch pro, you can still perform the fitting at home using just a spring bar tool.

This is how to fit a deployment clasp:

  1. Remove the buckle 
  2. Replace the buckle with the deployment clasp
  3. Attach buckle end to deployment base 
  4. Connect hole-end of strap to deployment clasp
  5. Size the band to fit 
  6. Fit the deployment clasp
  7. Closing of the deployment clasp

1. Remove The Buckle

how to fit a deployment clasp

Start by compressing the spring bar so that the outer part of the buckle can come away from the leather strap. Sometimes the buckle will have a small hole on the outside so that the spring bar can be compressed by using a spring bar removal tool or similar.

2. Replace The Buckle With The Deployment Clasp

how to fit a deployant clasp

Push the spring bar back through the end of the strap and put one end of the spring bar into the hole in the end of the deployment clasp. Now, using a spring bar removal tool, compress the other end of the spring bar and push it into the hole in the other side of the deployment clasp.

3. Attach Buckle End To Deployment Base

how to fit a deployant

Push the end of the deployment clasp fitted to the watch strap down onto the base of the deployment clasp so that it is held down.

4. Connect Hole-End Of Strap To Deployment Clasp

This is done by opening the clip at the other end of the deployment clasp and pushing the end of the strap through the clip.

5. Fit The Strap To The Correct Size

Determine which hole will fit the strap most comfortably on your wrist. Now push the stud through the chosen strap hole and press the clip shut.

6. Fit The Deployment Clasp 

fitting a deployment clasp

Turn the strap over and clip the newly connected part down onto the deployment clasp base and thread the strap through the strap retainers. Your deployment clasp is now fitted!

7. Closing Of The Deployment Clasp

fitting a deployment clasp

To close, simply fold inwards and feed the loose band end into the holding points/leather rings and clip shut. If you find that the hole you have selected is too loose or too tight, return back to step 5 to adjust sizing. 

If you’re unsure how tight your watch strap should be, take a look at this blog for guidance.

How To Pick The Right Clasp 

There are a couple of things you need to ask yourself before buying a clasp to suit your strap. 

Is The Strap Capable Of Being Fed Through A Clasp?

You first need to establish if the strap is capable of being fed through a clasp. You can do this by measuring the thickness of the strap where it goes through the clasp.

Is A Double Fold Or Single Fold More Suitable?

how to fit a deployment clasp

The next thing to think about is if a double fold or a single fold is more suitable to your requirements. Ideally, you will want a double fold clasp to sit in the middle of your wrist so only opt for this style if the fixed length (normally the one that attaches to the 12 o'clock side of the watch) of the strap comes round far enough for the clasp to sit centrally.

If the fixed length of the strap is too short then the double fold clasp will end up towards the side of your wrist which can be uncomfortable. Our double fold clasps utilise push buttons which add an extra layer of security.

Our single fold clasps are more suited to straps that have a shorter fixed length of strap. This is because the clasp will attach to the strap near the side of your wrist and then follow the curve of your wrist and sit neatly beneath it. If you find this style clasp to be uncomfortable then you can always switch the sides that the straps are fitted to the watch which will change the position of the clasp beneath your wrist. Our single fold clasps operate on a snap shut mechanism.

The Best Deployment Clasps:

how do you add a deployment clasp

Hirsch Pusher Deployment Clasp

If you’re looking for a clasp made to the same high standard as Hirsch watch straps, look no further than the Hirsch Pusher Deployment Clasp

At Watch Obsession, all of our Hirsch straps can be purchased with these clasps as an extra. Shop our full range of Hirsch deployment clasps here. 

Push-button Deployment Clasp 

The Push-Button Deployment Clasp is an attractive and utilitarian deployment clasp crafted from sturdy stainless steel, and can be applied to any standard watch strap up to 4.0mm in thickness.

Sport Deployment Clasp

Our Sport Deployment Clasp has a complex, brushed stainless steel finish which makes it an ideal addition to many of the straps we sell here at Watch Obsession


For more information on how to fit a Hirsch Sport Deployment Clasp, check out our YouTube video:

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Written by Kate for Watch Obsession