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The Best Straps For Rolex Submariner

The Best Straps For Rolex Submariner

The Rolex Submariner is one of the most iconic and recognisable watches of all time. First released in 1954, the Submariner represented a historic turning point in watch making; it set the standard for divers’ watches.

In August 2020, Rolex made its biggest and most unnoticeable changes to the Submariner by introducing the Reference 124060 – a 41mm watch with a lug of 21mm, improved case profile and slightly different bracelet construction.

Although the Rolex Submariner has only been presented on a stainless steel Oyster bracelet throughout its production, the timepiece is super versatile and looks exceptionally good on many different strap types - from leather bands to Nylon One-Piece and rubber straps. Whatever the outfit, occasion or activity, you can choose a strap to suit and express your individual taste!

The 5 best straps for Rolex Submariner are:

  1. One-Piece Watch Strap
  2. JPM Italian Vintage Leather Watch Strap
  3. Pebro VINTAGE Leather Watch Strap
  4. ISOSWISS SKINSKAN Alligator-Embossed Rubber Watch Strap
  5. Hirsch Tiger Perforated Leather Performance Watch Strap

1.One-Piece Watch Strap 

One-Piece watch straps are fantastic strap companions for dive watches and were in fact originally issued for British soldiers. Interestingly, these straps first became popular when James Bond wore one on the Submariner, which has played a pivotal role in making it the go-to strap option. 

Our one-piece watch straps are comfortable and breathable, and more secure than any other type of strap. They're designed so that if a spring bar were to pop out from the case, it would not result in the watch falling off your wrist which, if you were diving, would result in it sinking to the ocean floor.

They are also super affordable and available in a wide variety of colours and designs, making it easy to mix and match your strap to your outfit and mood.

The Best Straps For Rolex Submariner

2. JPM Italian Vintage Leather Watch Strap

The JPM Italian Vintage Leather Watch Strap is another popular option for the Rolex Submariner. Hand-crafted and hand-finished in Italy by the legendary Jean Paul Menicucci himself, the Vintage Leather strap is wrought from beautifully soft and supple leather, left largely untouched and allowed to show off its inherent natural beauty and complexity.

The Best Straps For the Rolex Submariner

3. Pebro VINTAGE Leather Watch Strap

Another classy leather strap suitable for the Submariner is the Pebro Vintage Leather Watch Strap. Crafted from natural, intricately detailed vintage calf leather, this is truly handsome for a subtle and refined look that blends exceptionally well with the Submariner. 

The Submariner isn’t just a dive watch - it’s a classy design that works well in a range of situations. Leather straps naturally give the watch a more casual and less sporty look, and therefore a great option when you want to wear your Submariner for smarter occasions.

When wearing a leather strap with your Submariner, it's important to remember that leather is a natural, porous material, and therefore isn't completely waterproof

The Best watch Straps For Rolex Submariner

If wearing your Submariner during water-based activities, whether it be professional diving or your daily swim, you'll want a high-quality waterproof strap. Take a look: 


4. ISOSWISS SKINSKAN Alligator-Embossed Rubber Watch Strap

If looking to combine the perfect blend of style and function, the SkinSkan strap from ISOSWISS is an excellent choice. Featuring highly desirable water-resistant characteristics of caoutchouc rubber with the distinctive look and texture of alligator skin, this is the perfect alternative to natural alligator leather. 

The Best Straps For Submariner


5. Hirsch Tiger Black Perforated Leather Performance Watch Strap

Last but certainly not least, we have the Hirsch Tiger Performance strap - the perfect companion for sports and everyday. This is a beautiful and extremely functional watch strap with a top-layer from scratch-resistant, sturdy, perforated calfskin and a high-performance rubber core with ridges and perforations that keeps the user's skin ventilated during high activity.  

The Hirsch Tiger straps are also 300 meter water-resistant (perfect for diving watches like the Submariner), sauna-proof and anti-allergic. 

With a large selection of coloured upper layers to choose from, you can pick out the perfect look for you.

The Best Straps For Rolex

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Written by Kate, for WatchObsession.