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More great colours from Pebro Premium

Turquoise smooth leather watch strap

Brand new to us is this watch strap which we have called Veneer. It comes to us as part of our second large arrival from the German watch strap brand and we think it is a diverse yet versatile watch strap. Coming as one of five new models, the Veneer offers the wearer something completely to what might already be in their watch strap drawer.

Smooth leather watch strap in Burgundy on Oris Diver

You can get the Veneer in one of eight carefully selected colours with one more to follow on once it is ready. We dubbed this strap Veneer thanks to the lacquered surface of the leather which gives it almost a wood like finish with each strap having its own unique pattern. Each colour has a dark overlay applied to it which adds depth and character, especially on the brighter colours like the red and blue.

Gold Brown Smooth Leather Watch Strap on Oris Watch

Pebro used a super smooth vintage leather for this strap and paired it up with their usual plain buckle. To bring the best out of the lacquered leather finish, Pebro decided to leave this strap stitch-less which has worked really well and highlights the contrast in the strap.

Smooth Blue Leather Watch Strap

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