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5 Watch straps to fit to the Tudor Black Bay Steel

Watch straps to suit the Tudor Black Bay

There was a time when you would be looking for a new watch strap because your current one was looking a bit tired and needed replacing. That was then, this is now and these days pairing up your watch with all kinds of weird and wonderful watch straps is almost considered a hobby. As you can imagine, at WatchObsession, we live and breathe watch straps and absolutely love it when we see what combinations you create with the watch straps we sent to you.

You could be excused for being a little overwhelmed when trying to find a new watch strap for your beloved timepiece because there is just so much choice out there. That is part of the reason why we create these kinds of articles... that and we just like to see what looks we can achieve with the abundance of quality watch straps we have here.

5 premium watch straps that fit the Tudor Black Bay

Erika's Originals MN Watch Strap - Black Ops

The simple yet brilliant MN watch strap by Erika's Originals took the online watch community by storm and shows no signs of stopping with a new and improved formula. We paired the Black Ops strap to this Tudor Black Bay and opted for the Grey centerline colour which fits the look and feel of this watch well. That being said, there are a number of different options within the Black Ops collection that would work so well with this Tudor but we thought the Grey worked best for it is noticeable but doesn't detract from the watch.

Erika's Originals BLACK OPS MN™ Strap With GREY Centerline - BRUSHED Hardware - £67.95

Tudor Black Bay Steel and Erika's Originals Black Ops MN watch strap

Hirsch Liberty Natural Leather Watch Strap

Okay so the Tudor Black Bay is a rather capable watch and some might argue that it doesn't make sense to fit leather straps to dive watches but the Black Bay looks so good being worn daily that we just have to fit leather straps to it... The first leather strap we decided to fit to this Black Bay was a Hirsch model that we are well acquainted with since we have had it in our collection for a little over 10 years. It is one of the core styles from their ever changing range and the Liberty is born from the same throwback DNA that the Tudor is made from. Supple, naturally tanned brown leather and slightly off white stitching give this strap a real heritage feel. Topped off with a solid buckle and cross out stitch, the Liberty is a real winner.

Hirsch LIBERTY Leather Watch Strap In BROWN - from £34.95

Tudor Black Bay Steel watch with Hirsch Liberty in Brown

ISOfrane Rubber Dive Strap

Since the Tudor is technically a dive watch, we thought it would be a good idea to fit one of the purest dive straps to it. We kept it clean and simple with this one by fitting the black ISOfrane to the Tudor which has turned out to be a great combination. Widely known as one of the best dive straps of all time, the ISOfrane brand was reintroduced fairly recently having been a household name throughout the 70s & 80s. Made today using high tech materials and manufacturing techniques, today's ISOfrane soaks up all of the style cues from the original dive strap but delivers it in a high performance package.

ISOfrane Rubber Dive Watch Strap In BLACK - from £110.00

ISOfrane Rubber Dive Watch Strap In BLACK

Pebro Premium Vintage Leather Watch Strap

Originally, this Tudor Black Bay Steel comes with a nice, flat, vintage looking leather strap so we thought that we would see what we have that is comparable to the OEM strap but in a different colour option. After a little look around, we decided the Pecan Brown Vintage strap from the Pebro Premium range would be good option. It has a flat yet thick profile which is really desirable at the moment with similar aged surface to it, similar to the Tudor strap. Most of the time, watch straps taper from watch end to buckle/clasp end by 2mm but Pebro have given this strap a more dramatic taper taking it from 22mm at the watch end to 18mm at the buckle end. This add to the vintage feel of the strap and also makes putting the watch on and taking it off a breeze.

Pebro Premium Vintage Leather Watch Strap in Pecan Brown - £26.95

Pebro VINTAGE Leather Watch Strap In PECAN BROWN

Seatbelt One-Piece Strap

There was no way we were going to suggest 5 watch straps to fit to a watch without suggesting a one-piece strap... we cannot help it, sorry! For the Tudor, we used one of our newer Seatbelt straps which have a bit more presence than our standard one-piece straps and carry the Black Bay better on the wrist. Most of our Seatbelt straps are a solid colour like this Army Green version which you can get with brushed or black hardware. Our Seatbelt straps are quite long and have plenty of pin holes to choose from so you can find the perfect one for your wrist. Since their introduction, the Seatbelt One-Piece collection has been really well received with a lot of you loving them. It is always good to have at least one single-piece strap in your rotation, they're great for a lot of different application.

Seatbelt One-Piece Watch Strap in Army Green with Brushed Hardware - £20.00

Seatbelt NATO Nylon Watch Strap In ARMY GREEN With BRUSHED STEEL Hardware

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