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Our SkinSkan watch straps by ISOSWISS get a sporty update

SkinSkan Watch Strap

Earlier this year we introduced you to a revolutionary range of watch straps by the Swiss rubber masters, ISOSWISS. Their new SkinSkan collection is as the title suggests, a scan of alligator skin applied to a natural rubber strap with the results being an incredibly realistic looking Alligator embossed rubber watch strap. Our collection launched in four colours and it was an instant hit with many of you.

The SkinSkan straps are a great alternative for anyone that doesn't want a genuine alligator hide watch strap but wants to achieve the same, classy look. Free from any animal hide, the natural caoutchouc rubber watch strap is 100% waterproof and UV resistant making it long lasting. You won't get a patina develop on this strap like you would a genuine alligator strap but it will look new for a long time.

After we launched our first run of straps, the feedback we had on them was great but many of you were asking for the white stitch option. You asked, we listened and now the entire range has been duplicated with the white stitching option. It is amazing just how much the contrasting stitch has changed the feel of the strap when fitted to a diver. It looks a lot sportier which is a bit more in-keeping with the features of the strap and what you can put it through.

We praised this range of watch straps for being multi purpose because of how it looks and what it can do. It will perform as a sports strap during exercise and can be easily cleaned in the shower then worn to work throughout the day. The straps run nice and thick near the watch end making them the perfect companion for thicker dive watches.

Available to buy now in a range of sizes, just hit the link below to get started or maybe take a look at our blog post from April which has all of the details on the tonal stitching options.

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