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Looks like Alligator, feels like Rubber... The new ISOSWISS straps are here.

Looks like Alligator, feels like Rubber... The new ISOSWISS straps are here.

We are demanding more and more from watch straps these days. We need them to hold it together whilst we exercise and we need them to look good on our watches at work or when going for drinks. Up until now, the Hirsch Performance has been one of the only options for a do it all strap but the ISOSWISS Rubber strap is here to disrupt that market dominance.

Rubber Alligator effect watch straps by ISOSWISS

The SkinSkan range of watch straps by ISOSWISS utilises modern technologies to finish their watch straps with a very realistic alligator pattern. Constructed almost entirely from Caoutchouc rubber, the SkinSskan range is perfect for those wanting to achieve a luxury look without the use of exotic skins.

Brown rubber Alligator effect watch strap and Breitling watch

Thanks to its make-up of natural rubber, it means the watch strap will perform well when worn throughout exercise, in hot climates or during an active job. Another benefit of being made from rubber is that the strap is super easy to clean and dries quickly.

Breitling watch on the wrist with Rubber Alligator effect watch strap by ISOSWISS

Our collection of Skinskan watch straps are all 115mm/75mm in length and come in a choice of 18mm, 20mm, 21mm & 22mm. They come with a substantial polished buckle that can be switched out if you prefer. We currently hold stock of four colours but there are many more options from the Skinskan range which we will add in due course.

Highly polished watch buckle and rubber watch strap in green by ISOSWISS

As excited as we are about our stock collection of the Skinskan watch strap, we are even more so about being able to offer the whole range to you through a custom product on WatchObsession. You would then have the power to create your perfect ISOSWISS watch strap with a choice of width, colour and stitching style.

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