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More choices for our Standard One-Piece Straps

Nylon Nato Straps for Omega Speedmasters

Pairing your watch to one of our standard one-piece straps just got even better. Our core colours now come with a choice of hardware finish so that you can match up the finish of your watch with the hardware on your one-piece strap.

It is a small detail but it makes a big difference to how the watch and strap combination look. Before this release, your only options were polished or black hardware but now we have added brushed and gold finishes to our offering.

Black nato watch strap

When we refer to our core colours, we are talking about Black, Grey, Blue and Green standard one-piece straps which are amongst our most popular watch straps. They're always a handy watch strap to have for certain situations as a back-up strap or when you fancy something a bit more casual.

Nato watch straps with gold plated buckle and keepers

It was thanks to a few requests that we brought the gold plated hardware option on board. For too long we were neglecting those who wanted a one-piece strap on their gold or bi-metal watch but were not able to find a good quality variety with gold hardware. Our gold plated options run in strap widths 18mm, 20mm & 22mm which covers a lot of watches.

Brushed steel nato strap hardware colour options

For watches that have a mostly brushed steel surface, our new brushed hardware options are the perfect compliment to the function looking finish. One of the most sought after Omega Speedmaster's of the modern era is this #SpeedyTuesday edition which has almost every inch of it with a brushed steel finish.

Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 watch with black nato strap

Whatever the hardware finish, one-piece watch straps remain one of the quickest and most affordable ways of transforming the look of your watch whilst adding comfort and security along the way.

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