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Our Standard Nato collection welcomes four new colours

Our Standard Nato collection welcomes four new colours

Coffee Brown, Emerald Green, Burgundy and Capri Blue are the latest colours to arrive at WatchObsession.

Switching out your bracelet or leather watch strap for a Nato watch strap is one of the most affordable ways of transforming the look of your watch. Our Standard Nato straps strike the perfect balance between quality and value. They are as the name suggests, the standard and close to original form that Nato's first began life. You'll find there are so many variation of the Nato straps these days and many of them are improved one way or another but you cannot help but love the classic look of the humble Nato strap.

Rolex Submariner with Coffee Brown Nato watch strap

All four of the new colours are coming in 20mm width and polished hardware with more sizes to follow. As with all of our other Standard Nato strpas, they will measure 275mm in length. We have paired our Rolex Submariner with these solid colour Nato's and the result is an eye-catching combination that you can use to complement your outfit.

Bugundy Nato Strap on a Rolex Submariner

Coffee Brown, Emerald Green and Burgundy are more autumnal tones that will look the part as we enter the colder months of the year. Any of these colours will pair well with a vintage military watch, dive watch or chronograph. With them being so affordable, the Nato straps are an easy way of making your beloved timepiece pop. 

We may now be entering the colder months of the year so our Capri Blue is a little late for use domestically but if you find yourself lucky enough to be able to escape to the sun then this colour is an ideal holiday strap.


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