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Micro-Adjustable Single Pass One-Piece Strap by Elliot Brown Watches

Micro-Adjustable Single Pass One-Piece Strap by Elliot Brown Watches

Elliot Brown is a British watch brand known best for their affordable performance timepieces that are primed and ready for adventure. Within their collection you will find a variety of tough but functional watches that are desperate to get outdoors and be tested.

As well as their watches, Elliot Brown also have some lifestyle product including coffee (mmm coffee) but more importantly, they have a range of single pass one-piece straps that we are very impressed by. Having thoroughly road-tested these straps, we're pleased to say that we absolutely love them. Continue reading if you want to know a bit more about them or head straight to the collection to get one for yourself.

Elliot Brown Watches Single Pass Nato Straps

The Webbing

The narrow fabric used for this one-piece strap is manufactured in Derbyshire, UK using soft textured yarn, woven together by a Victorian shuttle loom (anyone else thinking of the film Wanted?). The result is a silky smooth yet resilient narrow fabric which is capable of carrying a much bigger watch than it would appear. Due to the nature of the strap, it is very fast to dry after being used in water and is also treated with life-time anti-bac meaning it won't start to smell if you forget to keep it clean for a while.

Elliot Brown Nato Watch Strap

The Buckle

There are a lot of different kinds of one-piece straps with a variety of hardware types and fastening methods but none are quite as impressive as this one. You'll notice that all of the strap tucking in and folding over is done on the underside of the strap. With the centralised position of the buckle, you will find that the pressure of the strap on your wrist is evenly distributed resulting in a more comfortable experience. Being a single pass one-piece strap, you will notice that your watch will sit closer to your wrist, similar to how it sits when on a bracelet or leather strap.

Elliot Brown Nato Watch Strap in Desert Brown

Fastening this one-piece strap does take a little but of getting used to but quickly becomes second nature to you. Once fastened and fed through, the strap feels very secure thanks to the solid grip that the buckle has on the narrow fabric.

Each colour option comes with a choice of tasteful buckle finishes to pair up nicely with your watch. Select from matt steel, gunmetal black or bronze.

Elliot Brown Nato Watch Strap in Black

We plan on putting together a demonstration video for you which we will update this blog post with soon.

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